Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Update 01.004 Swings Out

Insomniac Games has released the Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered update 01.004 patch.

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PSVRking123d ago

Why was this approved? Patch notes are unknown.

deadfrag123d ago

Unlock the framerate on the PS4 version so we can play that version at 60fps on PS5 without the need to buy the remastered! That's what Insomniac should do if they care for the fans!

jukins123d ago

Dont think you realize how difficulty a task that is. Game been out for several years if they couldve they would've. Theyve updated the ps4 version so many times but you dont think they care? Lol just gonna go enjoy my miles morales in all off its options because you know caring about the fans and all

deadfrag122d ago

So they can add performance profiles for the new version but can't add it to the old PS4 version to enable 60fps BC on PS5!? Stop defending the Sony greed! Sony greed is been shown all over the end of last generation and now with moves like this were they make people dip more money for remaster of not so old games and massive increase in game prices for PS5. Sony fanboy sheep's keep following!

BlaqMagiq1123d ago

That would be redundant. Of course they won't do that. Lol you want that 60fps experience you gonna have to pay. Loved playing SM Remastered and Miles Morales at 60fps.

Sashamaz122d ago

If you really are a fan as you refer yourself to be, then the least you can do is actually research what is required to achieve 60fps before posting.

Unlocking the framerate will not make the game run at 60 fps, best case scenario is that occasionally you'll be getting 33 fps with some screen tear.

60fps is possible on the PS4 if you sacrifice resolution and a host of graphical effects.

Do you really think developers deliberately limit their games to make you buy a new system or a remaster several years down the line?

deadfrag122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

But they could have add a performance mode to be playable at 60fps on PS5, the greed is what prevents
Sony of doing it!

Sashamaz122d ago

The PS4 is not the PS5, did you even read my comment, yes Sony could add a 'Performance mode' on the ps4 version of the game, the fact that they didn't means the sacrifices are not worth the frame rate, it's more than just lowering the resolution.

There is a reason the PS5 is capable of more because it has better hardware. Just as the PS4 pro had higher resolution and fps than the ps4.

Try watching some dev logs or do minimal research concerning game development. You seem to have this fantastical notion that everything can just magically happen if Sony wills it so.

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