Deeko: Exit DS Review

Deeko writes: "Exit DS is a port of the PSP and XBLA title of the same name, only this time they added the sub-title DS. Why is that I'm not exactly sure why but at least you'll know which copy to ask you are your local GameSpot. Exit takes the wonderful and also hair pulling difficult puzzles from its fellow console and handheld breatheren and brings it to the DS. In Exit you play as Mr. ESC, a superhero who takes more than a couple of artistic cues from The Spirit. Mr. ESC's a master escape artist and travels the world helping people escape from some pretty hairy situations. Exit plays like a complicated version of The Lemmings, forcing gamers to observe everything in a particular stage and mentally map a way through. From raging fires to some pitfalls, ESC has a tough task at hand. Making things more difficult are citizens that feel the need to stop mid-escape to spout inane nonsense. Come on little girl the building is on fire and we're trying to escape with our lives, now is not the time for a sandwich."

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