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Jericho133754d ago

Xcloud is great for playing online multiplayer games couch coop. I play Sea of Thieves this way all the time.

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Orchard55d ago

Seems like this will be the easiest way to play really. Better than installing an app.

roadkillers55d ago

It's definitely gotten support. Post this a little over a year ago and you would have 5 upvotes and 45 downvotes. Xcloud is cheap and at my convenience. Has great games I've never played. Very content

Tacoboto54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Not xCloud, but just console streaming through the iOS app - Halo MCC I was able to win a match and feel good at it, and inconsequential games like Call of the Sea and The Medium feel as good as TV play.

If any random someone with an iPad or even a Kindle tablet can connect their DS4 and enjoy this, heck yes

spwittbold55d ago

Notice how competition drives innovation.
Also, this is direct proof that Microsoft - while in third place this generation - has made gaming better for everyone. Credit where credit is due.

S2Killinit55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I think this option will be detrimental to gaming in general, but more specifically, it will be horrible for console gaming.

I think when people defend this, they’ve abandoned being fans of consoles, and instead have become fans of companies. If we are being honest with ourselves, its actually very apparent.

Orchard54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

@S2Killinit I dunno about you but I’m a fan of gaming/games, not consoles or companies.

I couldn’t care less what device I’m playing on as long as the games are good, prices are good and I can play where and when I want to.

How would adding a new, easy way to play, and play anywhere - be detrimental to gaming? That is just pure rabid fanboyism.

stiggs54d ago (Edited 54d ago )


"instead have become fans of companies"

These is no way that you could have said this with a straight face. You are one of the biggest Sony fanboys on this site.

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Pricey55d ago

Streaming games is not better than playing them locally, you could argue that Microsoft is making gaming worse.

Rocosaurus55d ago

Sure, You could make that arrangement, but you would be wrong. Having more options and access is a good thing.

Pricey55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

@Rocosaurus More options is not always good. It's better to do one thing well than do many things poorly.

Zhipp55d ago

Better still to do multiple things well, no? Actually for a company the size of Microsoft it's a necessity.

Besides, it just makes sense to have both streaming and local options for a service like this. Cover all your bases. Video streaming sites do the same thing.

Orchard54d ago

By that logic Sony, Nintendo and NVidia are all making gaming worse too.

Notellin54d ago

Everyone is streaming games. Quit acting like Microsoft is the first or the last. Sony got into cloud much sooner than Microsoft but you'd never admit that.

Pricey54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Who said anything about Sony or Nintendo. Oh that's right the fanboys did, and all because I played devils advocate against the company they bought something from.

May your purchase be validated, and may you never have to make an objective statement about said purchase ever again.

Just so you know I don't like cloud gaming period.

Pricey54d ago

Orchard, yes... they are. But the article wasn't, here's a first look at Sony's web streaming service. Triggered?

Class_Viceroy54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I kind of agree and think the GamePass model is dangerous if it becomes the norm. It could easily become a “live service” model fiasco in future where the quality is sacrificed for quantity in the form of “future promises”

And especially considering the first big swing Microsoft has taken in exclusive games was The Medium, and it was kind of a dud. I’d rather them pump more effort into the quality of those games rather than the ability to stream games anywhere.

That being said, I do use Cloud gaming a lot because it’s nice to play single player games, or do my bounties for Destiny 2 in bed while chilling with my wife. But I do crave better exclusives more than a library of older games I can stream

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FattyBoy3D54d ago

What's better or worse is relative to what individual people want. More options is always good

King_Noctis54d ago

Is xCloud the only platform Microsoft is offering?

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PrinceAli55d ago

are you gonna explain how lol...?

Elda55d ago

Too bad the streaming resolution won't be 1440p or higher.

gamer780455d ago

It’s not meant to replace hardware consoles, but nice to get some quests done while away from home.

Orchard54d ago

It will be soon - they already said they’re going to put Series X in Azure this year.

Charlieboy33355d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Wow. Just look at all those blockbuster titles that will stay with you for weeks afterwards.....thinking 'why did I even waste 10 minutes of my life on this'.

Charlieboy33355d ago

I forgot to add. Three great movies that blow your mind and that you love to re-watch are worth way more than 50 movies you couldn't even get through the first 10 minutes of because they were so boring and crap. Same with games, but even MORE so because they can take 10's of hours of your time. So before you wake up and realise time has flown and you are no longer a 'young' gamer anymore, make sure that you spent your time on games that left a mark on you after you completed them. You are wasting time with this Microsoft crap.

Tedakin54d ago

I bet you're fun at parties.

Stanjara55d ago

Yeah I don't want to pay for crap games...I don't mean they are all crap...but a few that are I don't want to support.
Like with cable tv...5 programs that you want to watch, and a hundred crap ones that get funded buy your subscription.

Tedakin54d ago

That can be said for every streaming service on Earth. Do you have Netflix? Most people do.... 90% of the stuff on there you'll never watch. 1% of the stuff on there is amazing.

King_Noctis54d ago

What the heck are you even on about mate?

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