Microsoft is experimenting with ad views for access to hundreds of Xbox games

Free games? In THIS economy? Well, in exchange for your eyeballs at least. (Figuratively, not literally... although don't give them ideas.)

What you need to know

• Microsoft Gaming CFO Tim Stuart recently described how in the future, you may be able to view ads to gain access to Xbox Game Pass.

•Recent Xbox Series X|S code strings we've seen seem to corroborate this, with the ability to earn 15 minute blocks of Xbox Game Pass access in exchange for watching ads.

•Game Pass across PC, Xbox, and Cloud features hundreds of games in exchange for a low monthly fee.

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darthv72194d ago

Hmm..... I used to earn GP by way of searching with Bing but I hear the rewards program is being revamped. I still earn points but it seems they did change the amount you get per search. I dont know how i feel about this. It sounds like they are going the Youtube route where right in the middle of something you are enjoying, an ad pops up and you have to sit through it (if it does not have a skip option after 5 seconds).

I pay for my GP access, so this wouldnt really bother me but I can see it affecting plenty of others. It reminds me of the rumor about how some game companies (EA, Ubisoft) were toying with the idea of running ads before you ever get into the game. Like the old days of renting movies from Blockbuster and not being able to skip the previews (yes, some DVD had a non skip option for previews). I pay for stuff so i wouldnt have to deal with ads, but even now they are encroaching the very things i pay a premium for.

This whole thing is just..... a bad idea.

purple101194d ago

I remember those dvds with non-skippable adds! Wow that takes me back.

Plague-Doctor27194d ago


Yup. You'd have to pop in the DVD before going to the bathroom, grabbing a snack, etc

194d ago
shinoff2183194d ago

Such a shame cause even if you don't think this is a big deal what's next they put ads on ultimate gamepass and the free one gets more. This is disgusting. Yes even if Sony goes this route I'll feel the same. We got enough ads in this world ffs

purple101194d ago

Some recent studies show the average person sees 4000 adverts a day

ChasterMies193d ago

The average person should start using ad blockers.

ChasterMies193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

“even if Sony goes this route I'll feel the same”

This isn’t a “both sides” issue. Sony has never had ads on the PlayStation Home Screen but Microsoft has laden Xbox’s Home Screen with ads since the Xbox 360. Microsoft has put ads on Windows 11 OS! Microsoft is basically the bad guy from “Ready Player One”.

shinoff2183193d ago

I know that hence the key word If. Sonys never given an indication of this where as ms definitely has.

Christopher193d ago

I mean, it's not never, but it's not like Xbox. Sony has promoted things with icons on the XMB, it's just really rare.

EvertonFC193d ago

They could do GP free with ads, GP £20 per month without ads, which one would the casual/hardcore choose ?

Christopher193d ago

"Hi, we've received your comment submission. Please watch this 30s ad to finalize and publish your comment to N4G.com. Thank you."

We're just having our eyelids forced open more and more every day it feels like.

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ApocalypseShadow194d ago

You don't say?/S

You mean the company that puts ads on the dashboard, tried to force a camera on Xbox One to push ads is experimenting with ads for game pass access? No. You must be joshing. Lol

Wouldn't put it past them.

crazyCoconuts193d ago

Getting people locked into subs and advertising to them is what passes as innovation at Microsoft.
At least they're keeping Sony on their toes with the threat of competition