The Witcher 3 on PS1? It Would Look a Little Like This

The Witcher 3 is one of the highest-rated RPGs ever. But what if it wasn’t made for the PS4, Xbox One and modern PCs? Well, it would look very, very different.

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mikeslemonade653d ago

No the resolution would not be this good.

652d ago
Ezio2048653d ago

So it looks like Cyberpunk on base PS4 and Xbox

andy85653d ago

It may look butt ugly but can you imagine if we had games of that scale back then, with thoughts to quests etc. For instance something comparable to original runescape graphics but with the full game of this. I wonder how we would have perceived it at that time.

CrimsonWing69653d ago

I'd say this game would've been crazy well received back then, but it's for sure there wouldn't have been any of the hardcore content like f-bombs, nudity, or sex.

Michiel1989653d ago

pretty badly probably, the graphic quality, music (hardly any game had orchestral scores back then) and the dialog/quests is what stands out for most people I imagine, 15 years or so back those things wouldnt have been able to stand out as much, thus making the most appealing things of the game basically impossible.

andy85653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

But again we're going back to the graphics of the day, which looked good to us then. And the music is possible, the PS1 Final Fantasies are some of the best soundtracks of all time so it's certainly possible to have a good musical score. And the late 90s RPGs are very wordy (and good at it) so I don't think dialog is an issue. I think it may have worked

Michiel1989653d ago

i meant how dialogue is portrayed not the actual words of the dialogue. You are assuming that everything they would have done would have been done at the highest quality possible, which is a bit ehh too unimaginable. Yes ff soundtracks are good, but the actual quality of that sound isnt that great. Also I think W3 soundtrack wouldnt sound that great if you put it back 15 years in time with the technologies that were available then. Also massive open worlds (and not the relatively barebones looking open world map of ff 7-9) are just not possible on ps1.

I think witcher 3's succes is because obviously they worked hard for it, but especially the timing W3 released was superb. Open world games/rpgs were super popular, and during that time the worlds finally started to be able to look "realistic". Witcher 2 made a lot of people at least pay attention to the series and the first W3 reveal made a damn good impression making it on top of the popularity charts. Combine that with their "we are the good guys" on twitter statements and there you have a gamers wet dream.

Anyway I love W3 although I think it's combat is ehhh....super boring and it doesnt really feel like much of an rpg in terms of builds/skills etc. but its definetly an unforgettable game.

Popsicle653d ago

Those graphics would have been very good for the time. Especially considering the scope. Would have likely showed the game off to friends.

Popsicle653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

I know my 1994 - 1999 brain would have been blown. Would have lost many nights of sleep binging the game.

anast653d ago

Yes, but can it run at 160 fps? I'd rather have a high frame rate than good graphics...

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