5 Great Indie Games You've Probably Never Played

KeenGamer: "Discover your next favourite game! This list of 5 incredible indie titles is sure to pique the interest of any keen gamer, so check out these awesome games and see what you think. Maybe you'll decide to give one or two of them a playthrough?"

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Yi-Long839d ago

Not on this list, but this seems like a good opportunity to plug the great XBLA puzzler ilomilo, one of my favourite games on the 360. It looks beyond cute, the sound is amazing, and it's a fantastic little puzzle-game, Well worth checking out.

darthv72839d ago

i remember that one, it was pretty fun.

Knightofelemia839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

I played Super Lucky's Tale on XB1 it was ok nothing memorable New Super Lucky's Tale I'll just wait until I find it cheap.

Games1st839d ago

It’s on Xbox and pc game pass.