Loot Ninja Review: Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant

Loot Ninja writes:

"Hello Crash, what are you doing on my Xbox 360? Are you lost, do you need someone to play with you? No problem, I have fond memories of you from my days on the PS1, so let's give it a whirl for old times sake.

Crash Bandicoot typically has a funny plot with a whacky marsupial as your main character, which you need to jump and smash things in order to save the day, all culminating in a good time. This title sounds like it may be more of the same just add in some mutants, which also sound pretty cool right? Wow was I wrong!"

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iiprotocolii3696d ago

Don't blame ya for the score... the game really blows. Poor Crash... was thought to be the Super Mario of PSX. Now look at him; he's the David Hasslehoff of video games.

taz80803696d ago

Even the hoff has a league up on Crash, poor wombat