MoDojo - Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff Review

MoDojo: "Like the original game, you start out by choosing from a plethora of fictional teams. You won't find the likes of the Denver Broncos or the Indianapolis Colts, as the game lacks an NFL license. However, you will find...the Supercocks? Seriously, it's almost as if Tecmo chose the worst possible team names. Anyway, the good news is you can make changes not only to the team name but the individual players, logo and uniforms.

From there, it's all about the classic gameplay. You have eight plays to choose from, consisting of running and pass plays. You can also tweak options for a flea-flicker, as well as other little subtleties to make the plays your own. Adjusting your playbook is an easy task, even to the point that you can adjust your opponent's if you feel like cheating. The gameplay is mostly the same as the NES original, with one notable exception, the touch-screen. You can actually draw out passes to your receiver, which is cool once you get the hang of it. There are a few inconsistencies, such as how a pass completes even when the runner's out of bounds, but overall, the game plays just fine."

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