GamersInfo Review: Order Up! "This is a single-player game, though onlookers are generally happy to backseat cook while they watch you play. Order Up! has both a story mode and a quick play mode. Unfortunately, you have to unlock the different venues in story mode before you can access them in quick play, other than you do have access to the starting restaurant.

I was happy to see that Order Up! has four potential save-game slots. This meant I could start a game from the beginning without disturbing the game my daughter already had going. I also got to pick Normal or Hard for the level of difficulty. I picked Normal.

Once I've started my game, I'm in a small plane on my way to the island of Port'Abello. I get to choose whether I want to be a boy chef or a girl chef. This is the extent of your character customization, but at least you get a choice - and really, for this kind of game, who needs to customize the appearance of your character anyway? It's not like you'll be looking at yourself in the mirror while you're cooking. In either case, through the game, your character is simply referred to as "Chef."

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