The Best Play Order for the Yakuza Series

From Xfire: "The Yakuza series of video games contains about half a dozen main titles and approximately one dozen spin-offs. Often hailed as the GTA of the East, the Yakuza series has nailed the spot between serious emotional play tones, wacky side quests and over the top combat.

Until as recently as 2020, the Yakuza games were centred around Kiryu Kazuma, the legendary Yakuza, which made playing a new Yakuza game, without prior knowledge of previous titles, next to impossible. However, Yakuza Like a Dragon, released in 2020, introduced a new character named Ichiban Kasuga. Like a Dragon was a revamp of the entire franchise, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new one."

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RaidenBlack61d ago

Going from Kiwami 2 to Remastered 3 is one big hiccup.

LordMaim60d ago

Especially if you're going for trophies. Yakuza 3 was brutal enough doing it back on the PS3. I'm really struggling with going through that litany of mundane tasks that Minigame Master will require.