Phantom Hourglass Trademarked in Australia

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass has been registered and trademarked in Australia. What does this mean for the franchise on its 35th anniversary? Will we be getting a remake of this DS classic?

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phoenixwing469d ago

Probably an emulated port or something as low effort

Jeriphro469d ago

It would need to be completely redone if it is coming to the Switch. Those touch controls would make it impossible in docked mode.

phoenixwing469d ago

Who says nintendo has to go to the trouble of making it playable docked. Could just tell everyone to play handheld. They're nintendo after all. I've seen ppl defend nintendo for less so don't say it couldn't happen lol

SoulWarrior469d ago

A port would be a lot better than using the awful stylus movement on DS, be cool if they did the same for spirit tracks.