Grand Theft Auto V Has Shipped Over 140 Million Units; Red Dead Redemption 2 at Over 36 Million

Take-Two Interactive Software announced new shipments figures for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V.

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andy8560d ago

Astonishing number. Soon to rise with the PS5 version (not that I agree with another port when GTA 6 is more than overdue) but why would they if people keep spending money on the online 😫😫

roadkillers60d ago

Rumors on GTA6 in 2023, set in VC with returning characters. GTA6 sounds insane with more rumors that both Houser brothers are working on it

bouzebbal60d ago

Didn't Houser leave the studio?

60d ago
bloop60d ago

@bouzebbal: I was just thinking the same thing after reading that comment, that the Houser brothers had left? The way GTA V is gone now, I really don't have much hope for VI. They're making too much money from online and they're just going to go all in on that with VI too.

roadkillers59d ago

Yes Houser left, the rumor is that they made a deal to get the brothers back for this next installment. Take it how you will, but this is the lastest rumor.

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EazyC60d ago

People are the issue, not R*. They're comprised of extremely talented people, and they will pursue whatever makes them money.

Kabaneri60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I tried to get back into it but its impossible to complete a heist with randoms because people either have no idea what to do or they suck at the game. Also the loading screens are like two minutes long sometimes. The PVE content is really good if you have a decent team.

FallenAngel198460d ago

These numbers are unfortunately the reason why Rockstar won’t focus on other properties

It’ll soon be a whole decade of nothing but GTA & Red Dead from them with only a remaster of LA Noire to break up the monotony

SDuck60d ago

You talk like they're known for anything else. They only have the GTA franchise, GTA cowboys, GTA noir and GTA high school in their catalog.

Chocoburger60d ago

I actually enjoyed Manhunt back on PS2. Never played the sequel, though.

I remember when there were rumors back when Rockstar revealed Table Tennis for 360, and how it wasn't actually a true retail game, but rather just a mini-game within GTA 4.

EazyC60d ago

They should do another Midnight Club. So much better than NFS

Axecution60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Eh - you can only compare those so much. LA Noire and Bully are two very different games and putting them both in the same category as GTA clones is a huge stretch

Also you're missing Max Payne 3 which was amazing. And yeah Midnight Club... they haven't touched that in forever though.
I do see your point though.

Yoooo Manhunt 2 is actually really good. The uncensored version is solid

bloop60d ago

The Warriors is another gem from R*. Manhunt was fantastic but I never got around to playing the sequel either. I don't know if they'd risk pumping huge money into a 3rd game now though, after the controversy around the first game and then having to censor 2. But Christ, imagine what a manhunt game would be like on PS5/1X 🤤

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EazyC60d ago

The other thing is that their games are just getting longer and longer to make because of the insane level of detail they now have. Red Dead 2 was unbelievable in this regard, the amount of technical polish it has for an open world game is staggering.

Storm2360d ago

Yeah, it was amazing in it’s detail, just wish it was more fun.

FallenAngel198460d ago

@ SD

Rockstar had a ton of variety before. Manhunt, Max Payne, Midnight Club, Bully, & Table Tennis. Trying to categorize everything under GTA does a huge disservice to the legacy of this company

@ Easy

Much of that detail isn’t even necessary like horse testicles shrinking in the cold. In addition to that of that much of their development ethos hasn’t adapted as much to modern tastes as possible like with the controls.

It’s especially egregious when some things get detail when it’s not needed in some regards while other things don’t get as much attention. It’s especially egregious when a major publisher spends an entire generation developing only one game. It’s even more egregious when you see various other publishers release games just as detailed where it counts yet are still able to release multiple titles every year like any major publisher should.

chicken_in_the_corn59d ago

But nothing to do with the fact their games have become so big and detailed they require all of their studios working together?

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Orchard60d ago

Probably the most successful game and I congratulate them on that - but it’s time for a new game. I have zero desire to play this again on next gen - can the PS5/XSX version and make GTA6 + LAN2 + Bully 2.

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