Red Dead Redemption 2 Wins Best Game Sequel Title in BAFTA Poll

Red Dead Redemption 2 wins 'Best Game Sequel' in BAFTA poll, surpassing Half-Life 2 in a landmark victory.

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just_looken57d ago

hmm kinda out there i find red dead 2 a over hyped game i am sure there are other's out there worthy of this award.

Are we saying rdr 2 mp is better than the first one?

The cover shooting better on #2 than #1?

I mean they reused 80% of rdr 1 map on rdr 2

smolinsk57d ago

Red Dead Redemption 1 was better. A better story that's for sure but the world in red Dead Redemption 2 is fantastic. But overall yes Red Dead Redemption 2 is overhyped but with best living World ever made.

just_looken57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Oh rdr 2 world how you leave tracks what you can do and the npc's are great no doubt

For me its the forced guns one way to play missions and the camp you can do nothing be a ass and there is no change sense none of the hunting/donating.bounty/karma etc even taking care of your horse matters. Then you got the horse inventory along with them bringing in realistic inventory but at the same time have that slomo crap pick a lane is it a wild west sim or a max payne rip off.

shinoff218356d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Plus who cares about the mp. Single player is where it's at.

I don't think it's the best sequel either. I liked it but I can see why some say it's overhyped. That's because it was. Great game still. I'd take xcom 2 as a better sequel. I'm sure there's plenty others.

just_looken56d ago

We care about mp because of gta v even if you been living under a rock you know what gtao did to gta v dlc.

Though rdr 2 mp failed it still put time/resources and budget away from the single player for a subpar experience compared to the first.

lucasnooker57d ago

Hmmm don’t know about that one myself. There’s some good sequels there….

No way last of us 2 was a better sequel than the original resident evil 2. The story of TLOU2 was a huge let down for me!

Assassins creed 2 was a vast improvement over the original and still the very best of the entire franchise imo.

Half-life 2 will always be legendary.

RDR2 is great but the best sequel ever? I don’t think so… just my opinion though I guess

shinoff218356d ago

Shoot down last of us 2 but bring up assassins creed 2. What in the world.

anast57d ago

Last of Us 2 would be mine and Dark Souls 3 has to be up there.

raWfodog57d ago

I also enjoyed TLOU2 but RDR2 edges it out for me. Both hit me in the feels but RDR2 just a little bit more lol.

anast56d ago

RDR2 is an excellent game. One of my top 10 of all time.

SimpleSlave57d ago

Sure, if you started playing game yesterday and just for this series. Otherwise? lol... No.

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The Games Industry Needs A Stronger Games Media

The move away from written coverage of games is a problem for journalists and for the games industry.

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lodossrage1d 5h ago

What we need is a more honest games media. I'm sorry but if you're an outlet in bed with a publisher or getting goodies to attend preview/ review events then you can't be trusted to be objective. Very similar to the need for getting money out of politics.

ApocalypseShadow13h ago

Basically this. We've seen how the game media turned for the worse after the acceptance of advertising dollars during the 360 era from one particular company. How many websites were willing to sell out for Mountain Dew and Doritos. Accepting $800 Halo Swag bags and expensive Windows laptops to do blogging.

Video sites like game trailers that was willing to lie about PS3 graphics and sometimes, still had the wrong controller image at the bottom on the video. And, turned off comments it deleted them to keep the truth from being told.

That same company twisted certain gamers to a new level of fanboyism. This website was full of them when I arrived. Lying through their noses again and again. Then, that very company started lying or withholding information that showed the truth. That their competitors were selling more worldwide and had better graphics overall. But the damage to the media and a certain group of gamers was done. And, continues to this day. Even after hearing the truth that that company they serve is very destructive to the industry, developers and gamers.

lodossrage5h ago

Yeah, and one of that company's former executives OPENLY admitted that. And before anyone says I'm lying:


Also, yeah plenty of people that are here now don't remember when this place was a haven for xbox. You have people like "The Mart at Xbox Kings" push all sorts of propoganda on a daily. But people seem to want to forget stuff like that...

Skuletor11h ago

The whole Gamespot/Kane & Lynch thing is one of the best examples and that was 16 years ago.

lodossrage4h ago

Yeah, but with people and their short memories, I'm sure a good portion here forgot all about that