Toughest Tasks in Gaming History - Volume Nine

Phil writes, "New year, new Toughest Tasks in Gaming History! Welcome to the first edition of TTIGH in 2021, and hopefully not the last either. These tasks are harder than (or just as hard as) Sony trying to supply enough PlayStation 5s to meet demand. That should give you an idea on just how difficult these next five gaming challenges truly are. We start off with a trio of 3D platformers, including Super Mario 3D World, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and even go retro with a Nintendo 64 classic. Then, we change directions to some rhythm game goodness with Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, and then end this edition with our fists-a-flyin' with Streets of Rage 4. Regardless of the game, you're going to encounter some gaming challenges that are seriously taxing to overcome!"

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