Commander Shepard: Original Versus Mass Effect Legendary Edition Comparison

Mass Effect on twitter:

I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite Commander Shepard on the...wait a minute.

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Charal67d ago

I’m not fan at all at the remaster results on these pictures.
General feeling is much more artificial vs original, especially male Shepard eyes that recall bad memories from Andromeda, and super glossy female Shepard skin that looks like she had some poor plastic surgery.

I’m not 100% sold so far in this remaster, especially considering that animations will not be reworked if I understood correctly, which was kind of a week spot especially in the first ME, and that mods for original trilogy already provide significant textures and lightning improvements.

Stanjara67d ago

Yeah me too, I read the text in the article: changes are startling.

I don't see it. They are remasters...sure, but startling?

Shadow of colossus was startling...that's a remake but still...that's wow.

This is good for someone new who didn't play the game ...or games.

Also it is censured in some parts...which is stupid.

gamer780467d ago

It’s a fantastic series, but you might be better off playing the originals on a newer console or PC

TallDarknWavy66d ago

Why is Shephard wearing dark eyeliner or mascara? Did he turn goth? Looks dumb.

BiofourceGun67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Remastered version has 3D neck depth for the suit. on top of better material shaders.
old (looks like a head standing on a torso bust)
new (neck depth looks more natural)

LordoftheCritics67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

The faces are a huge upgrade and less plastic. Definitely has more life to it now.

The older versions look like mannequins.

njitram200067d ago

The old faces have a certain look to them that screams "original mass effect" at me. They look like shit but the new ones do not invoke any nostagia in me.

67d ago
Fiddlerblue67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Animations play a direct roll in game mechanics. They’re hard to change without changing the overall feel of the game.

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oasdada67d ago

The faces just dont look right.. feels like a fan remaster. Specially the female shepard plain looks bad

Pughski67d ago

I love ME 1-3. I'm buying it regardless.

CobraKai67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Same here. Slight censorship aside, I’m excited for this remaster (not remake to those expecting a 100% overhaul). This was my favorite game series on 360. Despite the texture pop in and glitchy graphics, ME had some gorgeous graphics.
Now show more Liara Tsoni action.

PrimeVinister67d ago

Shepherd still has the double-eyelash gene that makes him look like he is permanently wearing mascara.

Maybe he is related to Liz Taylor, I must check the lore.

Knushwood Butt67d ago

I got more rhymes than water seen by a sailor.
More than husbands of Elizabeth Taylor.

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The story is too old to be commented.