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David from PassionForGames writes: Far from the Silent Hill spiritual successor games media painted it as pre-release, sparked by Akira Yamaoka’s involvement, The Medium is nonetheless an interesting fork in Bloober Team’s portfolio. It’s their most ambitious project, but ambition doesn’t translate to quality.

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CaptainHenry916731d ago

I would have gave the game a 6.

Darkwatchman731d ago

Could have been a 6 if it had a consistently memorable soundtrack

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NeoGamer232730d ago

Most horror related games get highly mixed reviews. This one is no exception.

richie007bond731d ago

A WordPress blog, no need to say anymore.

CaptainObvious878731d ago

I'd trust a wordpress blog before I trust the sjw infested gaming media.

potatoseal731d ago

There are loads of reviews that give this game a 6 or under.

Livingthedream730d ago

And the opposite is true as well, I think some people love it and some hate it.

boing1731d ago

It has a bigger chance of being genuine.

Kilua731d ago

I doubt it will even get nominated for anything.

potatoseal731d ago


It won't get nominated for any GOTY ever

giovonni731d ago

I give it a 7.5 by no means is this game a 4,

Livingthedream730d ago

An 8.5 for me really solid. The disagrees are from ps fanboys. If it was a ps exclusive they'd be defending it like crazy on this site.

giovonni730d ago

I believe that. I’m going through my second play through to catch stuff I missed. I’m not worried about the disagrees. This happened with Alan Wake, halo wars, and Quantum Break. Oh, as specially Alan Wake.

NeoGamer232730d ago

Yup exactly what is happening with Destruction All-Stars right now.

INXISIV731d ago

Makes sense, gamesradar and pcgames gave it a 50/100 I guess they were been nice.

alb1899731d ago

Yep, gamespot gave it a 9.

badz149731d ago

Gamespot loves to be on the opposite of other mainstream reviewers lately. this is not the first one

S2Killinit730d ago

IGN giving it a 8 was just inevitable regardless of what it actually deserves. They are consistently vouching for anything xbox.

alb1899730d ago

There is always an excuse, whatever.

giovonni730d ago

Damn the excuses.. ign gave them an eight... “ahh they favor Xbox” gamespot gave it a 9. “ oh Microsoft paid them off” 🙄

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