Why Mass Effect Legendary Edition Is A Remaster (Not A Remake)

BioWare’s remaster of the famed Commander Shepard trilogy is coming out May 14, and while fans have certainly pined for this remaster, one question that keeps coming up is: Why not a remake? It’s a valid question, especially since many series, like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy, have instead opted to remake beloved games to appeal more to modern audiences. However, BioWare didn’t feel like that was the right approach for the trilogy at this point in time.

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StarLink259d ago

I wanted a remake, get the game a little up to speed with current RPG games. Resident Evil and FF7R wouldn't have been as welcomed if they were remastered.

StarLink259d ago

I mean compared to Resident Evil and FF7 original versions Mass Effect still holds a lot better but still would have like a remake.

Hellcat2020259d ago

Switching to UE4 was apparently too much work so UE3 it is
It's a big disappointment for me
I'll buy it at discount... maybe

258d ago
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curtain_swoosh259d ago

the original trilogy still looks great and plays fairly well, there was no need to "remake" it.

Godmars290258d ago

Wouldn't mind seeing something with actual space combat and better exploration of aliens.

Gheritt_White258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Isn't that what Mass Effect 4 will be for?

Godmars290258d ago

Its going to be nothing more than a dramatized 3rd person shooter platform.

Gaming4Life1981259d ago

I dont think Mass Effect is old enough to need a remake, all of the games still play well. I also think mass effects gameplay has been enhanced.

Tacoboto259d ago

So many people are dismissing the use of UE3... And I really don't get why - Mortal Kombat 11 is another really good looking game still using it instead of 4.

monkey602259d ago

I was kinda excited for this announcement but with them asking for €70 for this, I have to agree. Complete cash grab.

gamer7804259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

you can the pinnacle station-less, censored for version for $53.99 with xbox games pass, or play the original version on xbox with all of the content and uncensored.

Vegamyster258d ago

I wouldn't go that far, while it's not cutting edge the first game looks like a pretty good upgrade with some solid QOL improvements let alone the other two games, they could have just done a resolution/fps bump and called it a show.

Unknown_Gamer5794259d ago

I'm kind of glad they didn't try to remake it TBH. If they did that, I can guarantee they would change a lot more than the camera angles around Miranda's butt. Even if they didn't try to make changes though, if these games were to be remade from the ground up, they would greatly benefit from having the original ME team behind them once again. That team is long gone, and I wouldn't trust the current team to do the originals justice in that case.

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The story is too old to be commented.