Bargain Bin: Portables Edition

The handheld market has been in the background of the gaming industry lately. With so many big-name console releases over the past few months, it only makes sense that the DS and PSP, rather void of high-profile releases, should lose a bit of attention. TGR hasn't forgotten them yet, and the Bargain Bin is here to offer a few good suggestions to tide you over in the portables department until the next must-have DS/PSP game makes it way to stores.

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cain1413702d ago

December's a slow month for games... time to catch up on some I missed...

ThePimpOfSound3702d ago

Good idea on GTA. That game's got lasting value - perfect for long trips. Although, punching hookers while sitting in a crowded airplane probably isn't the best idea..

James Abels3702d ago

^^ What? why not? Maybe you could go to the airport and run over security, thats always fun

italianbreadman3702d ago

I always kinda liked the Vice City setting best, myself...but I don't have VC Stories. Go figure...