What Went Wrong With Star Fox?

In just a few console generations, Star Fox went from being one of Nintendo's premier franchises to a languishing also-ran. What happened to this once proud series, and how can it get its mojo back moving forward?

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Vits1255d ago

Great article, though I disagree somewhat with certain sections - especially regarding the handling of the characters in Assault. I fully agree with the conclusion, Star Fox was meant to be a simple and straightforward experience, therefore most of the innovations implemented in the newer titles, like the Command's tactical sections, Assault's on foot missions or Zero's controls end up affecting the core gameplay in a negative way.

If instead of simply "innovating", Nintendo would focus on improving in what past games did right. The franchise would be in a much better shape.

FallenAngel19841254d ago

I liked Star Fox Assault, especially how it doesn’t try to chase after Star Fox 64’s ghost so many times.

StormLegend1253d ago

Finally after so many years someone talks about Starfox. Starfox 64 and Starfox adventures are the last great games from the series. Nintendo isn't showing him any love.