SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 Update Features (Part 3)

Today, I'm going to give you a sneak peak of the new dive to prone character move. The dive to prone has been enhanced significantly in the SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 update and is now very similar to previous SOCOM games. The dive to prone is much quicker and you carry momentum forward. It is much easier to quickly get into a good prone position or dive for the deck.

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still the worst5170d ago (Edited 5170d ago )

SLANT 6 MUST HAVE never played SOCOM 1, SOCOM 2 or SOCOM 3

@thor the game play is nothing like socom 1,2 or 3
they slow down the game and added a stupid run buttom
the in not real 3rd person more now like over the shoulder view
classic view is a joke

thor5170d ago

The game is more similar to the first two than Socom 3 was.
The game has had numerous issues fixed.
The game is going more for realism because strafing at 1000mph just doesn't look right with the graphics.
The previous Socoms also had some issues/glitches (every game does).
The nuances of the game are going to be different because it's a different game - what's the point in releasing a game that's exactly the same as a previous installment? There is none.

You're as bad as the people who complained about hit boxes in Counter-Strike: Source. CSS was a fantastic game, I really enjoyed it and played it for years, and I'd never played the original CS but you know what? If I did, it would feel different and wouldn't seem right. Treat Socom: Confrontation as a game in its own right, as well as one that furthers the franchise, and maybe just maybe you might enjoy it. It shouldn't and can't be the same as Socom 1,2 or 3 - so don't expect it to be exactly the same. It's running on a different console for a start.

Darkseider5170d ago

SOCOM: Confrontation is a damned fine game. Excellent tactical FPS with very realistic gameplay. The graphics are great, the sound effects are awesome, all in all a very satisfying game. Granted first couple of days the backend servers had some issues but now the game plays wonderfully clean and smooth. What's not to like?

va_bank5170d ago

You guys can defend it all you want, but this game is broken. I gave up on it the day after 1.20 patch came out. I'll try it again after 1.30, but I doubt the two issues that bother me the most will be fixed in it (at least posts make no mention of them being fixed):

1.) The lag. (Don't say I have bad connection (CoD, Resistance 2 and Warhawk run flawlessly for me)

2.) The glitch where the characters left hand is raised a foot over the gun - I can not aim when that happens.

BlackTar1875170d ago

same with over 60 people i know and most if not all say it is as close to socom 2 as they can get without making it crazy unrealistic as socom 2 with running and grenade throwing.

Now the Lag issue I dont have I have a spike every now and then but usually only my first round in a room.

the hand over the gun complaint im sorry if its valid for you to me thats a little nitpicking your gun has a crosshair if a hand that is not int he way of theactual crosshair is throwing you off maybe you should try another game becasue that is ridiculus to me IMHO theres got to be better reason then that.

but again I had over like a month of straight gameplay over that time period and i was very critcal of 3 and CA for not following the usual socom route and if you think 3 is anything like 2 then I have to sya maybe you dont know what yuour looking for I know so many people who left because the diff. was so big between 2 and 3 so that i think is a invalid argument in reality.

Panthers5170d ago

@ VA Banks. The only lag right now (at least in ranked rooms) is when people join late. It lags right when they come in. This IS being addressed in 1.30.

I dont see how people say this game is not like the original. It is more so than Socom 3. That game was horrible and this is MUCH MUCH MUCH better.

chasegamez5170d ago (Edited 5170d ago )

i think still the worst is right
i been playing since socom 1 and this is kinda different
most of my socom boy stay it slow now

BlackTar1875170d ago

I stand by what i said. But yes the spedd is way differnt and all my time on socom 2 I forgot how fast it was I looked it up about a month ago or more and saw so yeah its slower but to me thats not to bad socom always asked for more and more and more realism and in that case the running at 30mph with a full gear is not real in anyway go light light and you still cook but not as fast as normal socom 2 . thanks for the response. I dont think they ruined it but I also know not everyone can be happy. To me socom2 = best but the running in that game was so fake it kinda look ridiculus when I wathc it on you tube to me. Like I said to me the running is fine its make sense to me socom =realism and running that fast=not realistic.

Thanks for the response again and if you play socom add BlackTar or if your on Gamebattles or GamerSaloon. com or Urgent send me a friend invite maybe we can play together.

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DA_SHREDDER5170d ago

Now its turning out to be a better game. I cant believe they released the game before they tried to fix it. It should have just stayed in beta form. Now tons of people wont buy it because the game has a metacritic of 7.

ghostface5170d ago

This is my first time playing socom online and i'm having loads of fun with it, beside the slow down here and there. can't wait for the patch 2 come.

gw4k5170d ago

to buy this game. I have been waiting for the issues to get worked out! Looks killer!

DeforMAKulizer5170d ago

Can't wait to download the patch =D YAY!

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