Can Xbox 360 hold 2009?

There can be no doubt that sales of the Xbox 360 in the US have remained strong over the last 12 months, surprising many who had claimed that 2008 would be the year of the PlayStation.

PlayStation needs to have its price slashed to make any decent gains and if we see that happen in early 2009, it could well be that Sony manages to best Microsoft for the rest of next year.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603698d ago

Sorry I don't stand a chance in 2009. No games on my system even worth comparing to likes of Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, God of War, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2, MAG, and endless more that the PS3 has to offer.

Jump out and play beyond.

Bleem3603698d ago

This '360 voice' thing is getting better all the time ;)

ionstorm3698d ago

like 2007 and 2008 where MS didnt stand a chance right? laff

krakdol3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

@ionstorm : well yeah, in 2007 PS3 outsold 360 worldwide, and so did it in 2008 until now.

On the games side, PS3 won easily too, with only Gears 1.5 as AAA exclusive on the xbox, vs tons of AAA on the PS3 (MGS4, LBP, Wipeout, Resistance 2...)

So yeah, you're right, MS didn't stand a chance in 2007 and 2008.

resistanceFAILofman3698d ago

PS3 exclusives are selling compared to xbox games I think PS3 FTW 2009 !!!!

krakdol3698d ago

@fail : MGS 4 sold more than 4 millions in half a year you know. That's more than any 360 game considering the much smaller install base.

resistanceFAILofman3698d ago

sold over 2 million in 2 days.

but resistance sold 10 million in 1 days, only 7 more copies than LBP in it's first minute.

ionstorm3698d ago

i would like to know where u guys getting worldwide figures for 2008?

resistanceFAILofman3698d ago

of consistantly out selling the PS3 roughly 2:1 tells me PS3 has a Big hill to climb ...

The games like Resistance 2 - "resist the urge to buy this game" who knows what will happen !!

Aquanox3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

1. The PS3 did NOT outsell the Xbox 360 in 2007. Both consoles ended pretty much even by the year end (even considering the PAL launch of the PS3 which resulted in a tremendous peak). According to Vgchartz, the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 in 2007 by 17k, which is a virtual tie considering the error range.

2. In 2008, things are looking similar. The year started with the Xbox 360 having a 6.9M advantage over the PS3. Through the year, Sony started to catch up and reduced the difference to up to 5.7M. However, From August and on, the Xbox 360 recovered its thunder and widened the gap back to 6.7M... only 2k of difference compared to what it was by the begining of the year. Continuing this trend, it's very likely to see the Xbox 360 outperforming November in xMas time and we'll probably be talking about a marketshare gap widening instead of shrinking.

What's the big picture?

Simple, by Dec 31 2006, the installed base of both consoles were:

Xbox 360: 7.9M
Ps3: 1.2M
Difference: 6.7M

By November 30, 2008 things look like this:

Xbox 360: 24.2M
PS3: 17.5M
Difference 6.7M

There's the exact same difference between both consoles. Sony hasn't managed to catch up with the Xbox 360 since December 2006 and all points that in these Christmas Microsoft might well widen the difference they had back then, when everyone was talking about 2007 and 2008 being "The year of the PS3"

karlostomy3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

This site is severely short of logical reasoning.

Lots of fanboys prefer to rely on dodgy sales data to make speculative assumptions and then incorrectly declare the ps3 the winner for 2007.

What's even worse is fanboys declaring a winner for 2008 before the year is even out!

I guess there's nothing like the real data you outlined above to set the record straight.

0verdrive3698d ago


i usually have a fair amount of respect whenever you post something, even if we have opposite opinions on the subject at hand. you usually have fairly strong evidence to support your claims, and have reasoning that is often hard to refute.

but you just applauded auqanox for using vgchartz to prove his point, saying that ps3 fans often use "dodgy sales stats". we ALL know that vgchartz itself is a site with "dodgy sales statistics," although we often go there because this is a lack of better information. however, im sorry to say that ive lost a little bit of respect for you because of it.

on topic:
xbox fans often forget to take price into consideration. despite the ps3 "not being able to close the gap" with the 360 in the last two years, let us remember that the xbox has, at every point, been drastically cheaper than the ps3. xbox's are now priced at 200/300//400, a very affordable price, whereas ps3s are still generally out of many people's price ranges at 400/500. granted, after the christmas season xbox will probably have outsold the ps3 worldwide, but with entry level xbox consoles half the price of ps3s, xbox sales should have been through the roof. but they are still relatively on par with each other. When ps3 drops to $300, an acceptable price for most people, a large surge in sales will follow, and how will microsoft respond? xboxs are almost as cheap as ps2s, can they really afford to drop it another $50?

ive said this before, and i think its a fair analogy. because of the weak world economy, and the inevitable length of this generation, this is not a console "war," its a race. microsoft is running it like a sprint, whereas sony is running it like a distance race. i believe firmly, that ms is going to run out of steam because they are rushing ahead.

3003698d ago

Aquanox, your using VGChartz as your source for credible info. LOL. Tut tut. Microsoft's themselves say they didn't sell 7.9m in 2007 as VGChartz are reporting, take a look.

As of Dec 31st 2006, 10.4m xbox 360 sold. And then this link.

as of Jan 6 2008 they are at 17.7m xbox 360 shipped.

Basic math, VGChartz figures are WRONG. It's 7.3m not 7.9m, VGChartz are 600k over on their figures. Who you gonna trust, Microsoft or VGChartz?

If your not a fanboy you'll go with Microsoft. If your a fanboy, we can all guess which figures you'll go with. Guess which side Karlstomy picked - yep he's a fanboy (your still on ignore Colostomy, I didn't look at your commment, overdrives commment said it all).

Eiffel3698d ago

3.29 million copies worldwide.
Resistance 2
400,000 copies worldwide.
LBP(as hyped as it way still has not broken a Mil)
4 million copies sold worldwide(Gears 2 close to 3 million)

Honestly only thing that can save Sony is a dramatic price cut..for exclusives these sales are pretty low(excluding MGS4, really only AAA title so far)

dukadork3698d ago

2009 is gonna be even better
suck it up xbots, and get used to the smell


0verdrive3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

i disagree.

sony doesnt need a "drastic" price cut, but it DOES need to get the ps3 into the "affordable" range, which i think is ~300. its still seen as a "elitist" console just by price alone, and until they get into the affordable range they are not going to see a boom in sales. that being said, i still think that it is selling very well for its price range. xbox right now, in my opinion at least, is seen widely as the "poor mans hd console," which sounds bad at first but is really working in their favor, as they are picking up a lot of customers.

n to the b3698d ago

apparently people on n4g can't understand sarcasm...

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Omega43698d ago

Almost certainly, with another Halo coming and a high chance of an XboxSlim the 360 will easy 'hold 2009'

Everyone says every year is the year of the PS3 but it always fails to happen so 2009 will be no different. But to be honest Sony needs 2009 to be The Year of the PS3 if they are hoping to come a close 3rd instead of a distant last because that 6ml unit gap isnt getting any smaller

JsonHenry3698d ago

As an owner of both systems I can say that they both have their ups and downs. But if I had to pick just one or the other I would pick the 360 easy.

The 360 has better video out options, it has a better achievement system, a MUCH better friend/chat/IM system than the PS3 (even though you have to pay for LIVE) and to top it off I just prefer the 360 controller.

I pretty much have kept my PS3 for 2 reasons - Killzone 2 and the Blu-Ray player. If it were not for those two thing I would have sold it on Ebay already.

SuperM3698d ago

Lol and the console has been out for what, 2 years?

Oh noes every year they say its the year of the ps3 and every year they fail?

You make it sound like the console has been out for 10 years. The only year ive heard people scream year of the ps3 is 2008. Want to know a secret? Worldwide PS3 has sold more then xbox360 this year.

And what about 2007? guess what, PS3 sold more then 360 that year aswell. Not only is the "Every year" thing you are talking about just ONE year, but they havent even failed.

Something tells me you will be sincerely disappointed at this time next year. When ps3 hits 299$ its going to outsell the 360 even if no games are released. But there so happen to be a ton of games coming out, and i think alot of people is going to have a hard time not buying a ps3 when God of War 3 hits, that is if they havent already gotten one because of all the other awesome games that release.

I know for sure that if i didnt own a ps3 id be crying if i was to miss out on all the kickass games sony has in store for us. Its the best game lineup ive ever seen from a publisher.

3698d ago
krakdol3698d ago

@Rick : ah ah, so true. You still forgot their biggest flop, Too Human. They had tons of flops on Xbox this year but really, this one was the star of the flop show.

gijose3698d ago

that's cool and all, but neither fable 2 NOR resistance 2 cleared 90 on metacritic. ps3 had 2 exclusives over 90 this year vs. one on xbox 360, LBP and MSG4. congrats. pretty safe to say it was a rather bad year for games overall.

im not too excited about 2009 either. to be honest... killzone 2 looks like a solid shooter with gorgeous graphics, but that's about it. just another solid shooter. god of war 3 and uncharted 2 are the only ps3 games im looking forward to. but you should really be careful with namedropping sony games. as we've seen time and time again they can very easily get delayed. microsoft hopefully will have some nice announcements coming up over the next few months, but i don't really see the balance of gaming shifting all that much over the next year.

the wii will continue to sell like hotcakes (i dont really consider it a console anymore), the 360 will sell steady, the ps3 will continue to sell steady. if it sees a price drop it'll get a nice boost, but probably won't change much in the long run.

InMyOpinion3698d ago

Aren't you the guys who spammed the pending section with Gears of War 2 spoilers?

Darkseider3698d ago

XBox 360 Slim? They can't keep the model they have cool enough to run without getting the RRoD. I can only imagine a slim model. Plug it in, turn it on and hear the following message.

"Good evening casual consumer. Thank you for purchasing the 360 slim. This message and console will self destruct in 5 seconds."

So what you are saying is that Microsoft will hold 2009 by releasing yet another Halo and a small incindiary device?

Bl00dVayn33698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Your comment is perhaps the most ridiculous I have read on here. How exactly can you say the PS3 has the best games for 2008?? Last I checked, software sales are much higher on the 360 than they are on the PS3. LBP DID NOT score higher than Gears 2, and it is getting owned in sales by Gears 2 and Fable 2. CoD WaW is saling twice as much on the 360 as it is on the PS3, and the 360 version of Fallout 3 is outselling its PS3 counterpart. Not sure how you think 2008 is the year of Sony when it does not even sell near the software that the 360 does. Here is something else that is funny about the price cuts, MS is STILL making a profit on every console they sell now despite the price cuts, where as Sony LOSES money for every PS3 they sell, and just nevermind the fact that Sony's game division has posted net losses every quarter during the PS3.... yeah, that really sounds like the year of the PS3, lol.

And did you seriously just bring up Home coming out before years end...... haven't they been saying this since E3 of last year??? I will believe that when it happens. And you claim that the PS3 has clearly shown it to be the most powerful console...... well I have yet to see this showing up in the games. Yes, the PS3 has the power, but it doesn't matter if they aren't using it to overwhelm the competition. And in all honesty, 2008 just like 2007 has probably been the year of the Wii since it has only opened up its lead in the console race even more.

I suggest you take off your PS3 goggles and look at all the stats before you boast about this being the year of the PS3. Look at all the sales figures, both hardware and software. Take a look at multiplatform game sales for each console, and then tell us what you find, lol.

Just had to edit this since you edited yours since you originally posted it. If you want to talk about jokes, look no further than Socom and all the issues that game had. Gears 2 looks better than resistance 2 and this is running on the "underpowered" 360.... lol. LBP hasn't even sold 1M copies yet, and this is supposed to be the super game for the PS3? Fable 2 is already knocking on 2M copies sold. And you bring up the FPS game sales, go look at sales for games like EA sports games between the two consoles, compare music games like Rock Band and GH between the two platforms.... take a look at which console has the highest rated RPG's (even Fallout 3 recieved a higher score on the 360 than it did on the PS3)..... but yet all you can do is talk about shooters, lol. What a joke.

And BTW, I own both consoles, and enjoy both consoles, althought the 360 does get the majority of my play time because of the superior Live service..... but the PS3 is still great and I am very happy I have one. It just looks ridiculous when people like you put comments like yours out there filled with nothing but fanboyism. Like I said, go read some stats and see who is really in last place.

mint royale3698d ago

Is this talking about the US only? I have no time to read it. If so then a price slash for the ps3 won't destroy the 360 in the US it will just help it compete.

A worldwide price slash will help the PS3 retake the 360 in weekly WW sales. The ps3 really needs a price cut in Europe especially as the 360 re-took sony there last week. A price cut here with GT5 and things will be much more rosy for the ps3.

3698d ago
mint royale3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

riiite okay so how good a game is doesn't determine its sales?
Are you really suggesting that people go into game stores and just buy crap for no reason? I agree that hype has alot to do with sales and alot of xbox would have bought gears regardless but the same could be said for LBP. Thankfully they both turned out to be amazing games.

How do you explain the recent flops saleswise of SOCOM and Motorstorm 2 then?
EDIT: shoul add lips to the list of commercial failures aswell.

Bl00dVayn33698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Go ahead and try to own me, lol..... you will look stupid. And you can't even read the rest of my post? Pathetic, guess facts hurt you to read. I suggest you read the rest of my post and try to respond to some of my FACTS, such as the facts of how well other genres sell on the 360. Couple examples.... Forza 2 sold over 4 million, Assasins Creed over 4 million on 360, Viva Pinata 1.6 million, GH III over 3 million on 360, Rock Band over 2 million on 360, Oblivion over 2 million on 360, Mass Effect over 2 million...... yep, sure looks like only shooters sell well on the 360. What's your next arguement?

One more thing Astley, LBP has a lower metacritic score than Bioshock for the 360.....guess you should look at the facts again buddy. Bioshock on 360 has a 96, whereas Bioshock on PS3 and LBP both have 95..... sorry to prove you wrong again. Keep trying though.

Anon19743698d ago

The 360 is still slated to come in 3rd in sales this year, correct? Has this changed? Let's do a little history lesson, shall we?

360 launches a year early. Sells 6 million consoles in their first year. 100% are defective. 1/3 to 1/2 will fail.

PS3 is released in Nov 2006, March 2007 worldwide. Matches the 360 in sales for 2007 at a much higher price point. 360 barely edges it out.

2008 rolls around. PS3 outsells the 360 all year long to the tune of approx 1 million consoles. Drastic price cut leading into the holidays and the 360 might be able to squeak out ahead, but will probably be in 3rd place for the year. Metacritic shows that PS3 games edge out the 360 in terms of quality titles as a percentage of total games released. PS3 easily outpaces the 360 compared to it's launch in terms of units sold and speed at which quality games are released. PSN service improves vastly from launch and still remains free to users.

I guess the 360 is still remaining pretty steady. I guess sales aren't slowing, they just aren't growing anymore for the 360. That would constitute "holding on"

Omega43698d ago

Your right, software sales dont make a game AAA since if that was the case the Wii would be swimming in AAA games

What makes a game a TRUE AAA game is it not only scores well it sells well too, because making a great game is one thing but making a great game that people WANT to play is a whole different story which is why 360 exclusives sells bucket loads more than PS3 exclusives because they are games people actually want to play

die_fiend3698d ago

Rick's never known what he's talking about cos like he said, he doesn't read what people say to him, he just states his moot points.
Like Ninja Gaiden 2 being a flop lol! How about he plays it and realises that it's immense, just as a game not as well structured as the first, but in terms of hackin people up, you won't find better anywhere...Deosn't really matter if 360 had the most disappointments, out of all those games, I wasn't interested in any of them, because none of them were hyped because journalists realise in advance if a game is poor. Too Human was hyped but I saw one video and knew it'd be poor. Also, if a game takes 10 years, then it's troubled...

'Notice how Microsoft needs to cut the price of the 360 every month in order to keep up lol.'
Keep up? If 6 million ahead is keeping up then ur point is valid, unfortunately, it's not tho

'LBP outscored every 360 exclusive ever released in the last 3 years.'
That's nice, shame it can't shift a million copies after all this time, meaning it scoring highly meant very little to games, cos it didn't appeal to a sizeable market.

'360 fanboys are now running to software sales to justify their purchase, they no longer argue that they have the best, better looking games because, well, they don't.'
No, we're saying that they sell loads more on 360 cos people know that that version will be superior. Like go and check the recent head to head on gamespot and you'll realise the once touted 'graphically superior' PS3 was just a marketing line. 2 years on and turns out that was bull
And we do have the best looking games at the moment. U can say Gears of War 2 is dull all you want but actually play the game u moron and you'll realise like the rest of the reviewers that it's the best looking console game so far, and it got immense reviews cos it's precisely that. (Killzone 2 isn't out if you're gonna try that one)

2009 could be the year of the PS3 to be honest, but that's not what you're saying, so go back to school, u don't belong here...

InMyOpinion3698d ago

I'd add to that AAA titles are also games that stay popular for a long time after their release, like Halo 3 and Gears of War. It's visible in how many people still play them online. If they didn't have good gameplay this would not be happening.

mint royale3698d ago

YES you are missing something because the 360 is now on course to finish in 2nd place this year. The ps3 outsold the 360 from jan -sep until the 360's pricecut and now the roles have reversed. Right now the 360 is about 300K behind the ps3 for this year but is outselling it by around 300K-500K a week as we come into the busy part of the year where most games consoles are sold.

You are right about 2007, as the 360 led for most of the year until the ps3's pricecut which helped sony beat MS in the 2007 christmas season (but still was slightly outsold for year. Still an impressive comeback.)

Now that the 360 is going to be cheaper going into 2009 than it was in 2008 I expect the 360 to outsell the ps3 until the ps3's pricecut, which will then see WW figures change again!

If their launchers are aligned then the ps3 is slightly ahead tho - about 2 million according to sony and ms figures. However looking at nintendo's figures you have to say that both sony and ms will be disappointed with the way this gen has gone.

3698d ago
FF7numba13698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

lol xbox 360 slim. lol if it comes with rrod, the I pass. I'm willing to bet they slowed production on the crappy arcade to make room for it.
To rick, "Never gonna give you up(in deep voice)"

Could careless whats 360 does after christmas.....

3698d ago
3698d ago
sushipoop3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

how could anyone be a 360 fanboy knowing that their console doesn't have any good games left? this is the real reason why people keep going back to Halo 3 and older games. Just wait for 2009 if you want to see just how embarrassing it is to be a 360 user. i can't even list one AAA game for 360 in 2009.

people can't come up with real reasons to hate on the PS3 platform. you poor bastards just don't have the money for it and gives PS3 owners more reasons to laugh at you. First the RROD, then no good games. all the AAA games are on PS3 now. Microsoft did a good job on rushing out everything they had back in 2007 and they still couldn't outsell the PS3. very epic fail.

Anon19743698d ago

Nice reply. Refreshing to not see another user just degrade into flaming fanboy death. You get an agree from me.

As to your point, I don't think MS will come out ahead this year. While they did pick it up since the price cut the amount that they had been selling worldwide, even with Novembers great numbers doesn't look like it'll be enough to overcome the million console lead the PS3 had racked up so far this year. It'll be close but I think the 360 will still come up shy. We know the 360 has picked up because MS has been screaming it from the rooftops, but we still have no indication just how well the PS3 is fairing this holiday season worldwide. NPD numbers will come out, but we know that doesn't tell half the storey.

From my own personal gaming, I found 2008 extremely disappointing as a 360 owner for exclusives. Ruling out multiconsole titles (I buy all multiconsole titles on my PS3. I'm on 360 number 4 and simply don't trust the hardware) after a great 2007 I hadn't bought a single game for my 360 since Halo 3 was released for over a year. It took Fable 2 and Gears 2 to finally make me dust off my 360 again and now that I've finished both of those I don't see a single other 360 exclusive on the horizon that interests me in the slightest and that's depressing. I spent over $900 on my 360 console in controllers, XBL, battery packs, charge and play kits, wi-fi and extended warranties to protect me from disk scratching units (which it did). By contrast my launch PS3 cost me $550 with an extra controller and I play it all the time.

I can't help but feel ripped off by Microsoft and I couldn't even get a fraction of that money back if I sold the thing on ebay or traded it in. It'll probably sit unused until Alan Wake comes out, if it ever does. Live and learn, I guess.

Darkseider3698d ago

Assassins Creed 360 - 4mil / PS - 3 mil
Forza 2 360 - 4mil / GT5P - 3 mil
GH3 360 - 3.5 mil / PS3 1.7 mil
RB 360 - 2 mil / PS3 - 1 mil
Oblivion 360 - 2.5 mil / PS3 - 1 mil

Numbers wise the PS3 is staying very competitive with the 360 when comparing installed base. I noticed that you favored the ones that sold more on the 360 though. What about these?

DMC 4 360 - 5.1 mil / PS3 - 7.9 mil
Burnout Paradise - 360 and PS3 approx. 800k each
PES 2008 360 - 1.1 mil / PS3 - 1.7 mil
PES 2009 360 - 500k / PS3 - 1 mil

You can spin it any way you want it but the PS3 is doing a damn fine job selling software. In most cases it is only about 1 to 1.5 million off of the XBox 360 sales when it comes to 3rd party multiplats. Seeing that the 360 has a larger install base by approx. 6 - 6.5 million units that isn't too bad at all.

Bl00dVayn33698d ago

I have both the 360 and the PS3. I can tell you the biggest joke is PSN. Yes, it's free, but it also sucks. The fact that a game update on PSN takes 20 - 30 minutes is ridiculous, where it take the 360 about 10 seconds to do an update for a game. System updates take even longer on the PS3..... the NXE system update for the 360 took like 3 minutes, and that completely redid the entire dashboard, that is just sad on PSN's part. The fact that some games don't even allow ingame chat on the PS3 is ridiculous as well. You all laugh at Live costing $50 a year ($40 if you get the 13 month card off, but when I look at all the features of Live, I will gladly pay this fee for a superior service.

Maybe you should go look at the review scores for all 3 systems, and tell me which console has the most 9+ ratings out of the three systems..... you may be shocked to find it is the 360. And the fact that people like you continue to bring up the RRoD even though that is not a big issue now wince the Falcon and Jasper chips just shows how you cling to anything to justify you PS3 purchase over the 360. What is pretty sad is the fact that the PS3 can't seem to put a game out yet that i have to go out and buy for it...... I am getting LBP sometime after christmas, but that is the first PS3 title I have even considered buying. The PS3 is a great console, but for my money, the 360 is far ahead, especially when I look at how much better Live is then the free PSN.

Bl00dVayn33698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

The games I brought up are all big title game..... PES isn't exactly a huge title compared to the ones I brought up. The 360 is selling nearly double of what the PS3 is selling in software, even though the PS3's install base is still 75% of that of the 360's. That would make sense if the PS3's install base was half of the 360's, but somehow the 360 still manages to sell twice the software.

You should also compare the exclusives as well.... LBP hasn't even cracked 1 million in sales where as Fable II is already getting close to 2 million.... these games were released at like the same time. LBP was easily the third biggest hyped game for the PS3 this year, but yet it can't even get sell 1 million copies yet??? Gears of War 2, the biggest hyped (and it lives up to the hype as well) game of the year for the 360 sold 2.1 million.... ON OPENING DAY! Look at Cod WaW, selling twice the number on 360, look at Fallout 3, and just wait until FF XIII launches, it will sell more on the 360 as well. What do you think the developers and publishers think when they see these numbers? used to be Sony got all the good games first (GTA series for example), but that is no longer the case.... in fact, GTA IV users on the 360 get extra content and so will fallout 3 users on the 360. Face it, publishers and developers are loving the 360 right now, and they will continue to show it love. Get over it.

BTW, as the guy below me said, you are making up numbers too. DMC 4 sold slightly over 1.2 million on the PS3, whereas it sold slightly under 1.2 million on the 360. Stop making stuff up.

die_fiend3698d ago

@ Darkseider
Are you making those figures up?
DMC 4 360 - 5.1 mil / PS3 - 7.9 mil
So you're saying that Devil May Cry 4 has sold 13 million units? Yeah of course mate, sure it's obliterated GTA4 hasn't it?

IdleLeeSiuLung3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Everybody has their opinion about which console is best and one can argue one way or the other with numbers.

Either way you look at it, MS has done much better this generation and the only one loosing market share from previous generation is Sony. As MS and Nintendo sells more consoles, Sony looses more market share from the PS2 era that they dominated.

To Microsoft this is a win in two generations, MS turned the table and now is on par with Sony in terms of worldwide units sold.

edit: It doesn't matter how long MS has been on the market. What publishers/developers care about are total units shipped.

Anon19743698d ago

Yes, Darkseider's DMC numbers are off. It's something like 1.27 for the PS3, 1.15 for the 360. Doesn't change his point though, and that's that the PS3 has been moving software.

Bl00dVayn3 is yelling about sales for Gears 2 but what he doesn't realize is that this is actually a symptom of a real problem the 360 has. Industry analysts have pointed out before that the 360 has a higher attach rates, but it's all in only a few hardcore games and most everything else is being ignored. Of the 7 or 8 attach rate on the 360, that's made up of Gears, Gears 2, Halo 3, COD4, GTA4. Good games like Too Human or Banjo Kazooie are completely ignored. This is only good for makers of games that contain Halo, Gears or Duty in their titles. If you're making a game that isn't a shooter, you're taking notice of this fact.

Even on your Call of Duty point - what's the attach rate like? I'm showing 0.27 on the 360, 0.22 on the PS3. So yeah, it's selling slightly better on the 360. It's a shooter. No surprises there.

I don't know what's wrong with your PS3, but mine updates in no time at all. That's something wrong with your setup. And yes, we do all laugh at you for paying $50 a year for in-game chat. In the two years I paid for XBL myself, I never once used that feature. It certainly isn't worth $50 a year. I can use a phone until this feature is added...for free. Thanks.

You really believe that developers haven't taken notice of the fact that the PS3 seems capable of moving a broad variety of games vs the 360 which, let's face it, still mostly is only capable of moving shooters? You think they haven't noticed that even on big games like GTA4, COD-WAW, Madden, Fallout 3 the attach rates between the 360 and PS3 are nearly identical - except one charges subscription fees to play 100% of the game that you designed and you never see a dime of that money? How do you think a game like Little Big Planet would have fared on the 360? Here's a hint. Look at Banjo Kazooie.

I'm no PS3 fanboy. I just finished Fable 2 and Gears 2 and loved both of them for the two weeks it took me to finish both. I'm just not blind to shifts we're seeming in this industry. Think about it. Halo 3 hardly moved 360 consoles from Sept vs Oct of 2007, and for Sept and Oct with the price cut this year, sales were down 35%. Over 20 million 360 consoles out there are still at risk of RROD with warranties now expiring and the 360 still hasn't really resonated anywhere but the US and 2009's 360 lineup is looking pretty slim (believe me, as a 360 owner this gives me no joy whatsoever to point out). It's no wonder analysts are still predicting the PS3 will overtake the 360 next year. What do you think is going to happen?


50 cent bulletproof sold millions and everyone knows that game was horrible. Hype will make people buy anything.

TheSadTruth3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

[quote]Almost certainly, with another Halo coming and a high chance of an XboxSlim the 360 will easy 'hold 2009'

Everyone says every year is the year of the PS3 but it always fails to happen so 2009 will be no different. But to be honest Sony needs 2009 to be The Year of the PS3 if they are hoping to come a close 3rd instead of a distant last because that 6ml unit gap isnt getting any smaller[/quote]

Let's be honest

Halo: Recon is going to be mediocre, Halo 3 was mediocre

Unless there was a Halo 4 with a completely new engine, it's all on Sony's shoulders in 2009

They failed in 2008, I don't think any sane person will deny that, the ball is in their park and if Killzone 2/God of War 3 flops, they're done.

Darkseider3698d ago

Sorry on the DMC thing. Wrong column.

DMC 4 for 360 - 1.1 mil / PS3 - 1.25 mil

As for Fallout 3, GTA4 and CoD 4/5

Fallout 3 360 - 1 mil / PS3 600k
GTA4 360 - 6.2 mil / PS3 5 mil
CoD:WAW 360 - 2 mil / PS3 1.2 mil
COD4 360 6.6 mil / 3.75 mil

Again even with the BIG games they still sell very well on the PS3. As for the exclusives some are hit and some are miss. BUT they sell well over time.

Example: Motorstorm 3.6 mil, MGS4 4 mil, Heavenly Sword 1.25 mil, Resistance 3.3 mil, R&C:ToD 1.4 mil

Their sequels will sell in equal amounts over time as well. What can be said of the XBox crowd is that they have phenominal opening day/week sales and then they drop off sharply afterwards. Again no matter how you cut it both consoles have very strong software sales. So to compare software sales on them is really pretty moot. If you want to go even further lets break down the numbers.

XBox 360 - 26mil units
PS3 - 18mil units

CoD4 breaks down to roughly one of every 3.5 360 owners purchasing the game and on the PS3 roughly one of every 4. Fallout 3 360 is about 1 of every 26 and PS3 one of every 30. GTA4 360 one of every 4 and PS3 one of every 3.5. So based on a simple ratio of units sold to installed based the numbers are damned near equal. Again you prove nothing in your argument other than blind and rabid fanboyism.

ablecain3698d ago

@ JsonHenry: I noticed that for all the reasons you listed for preferring the 360, you never even mentioned the games.

I respect anybody who disagrees with me, but I prefer the PS3 because it has far better games (IN MY OPINION), and plays blu-ray.

People can keep pointing to the Xbox 360 sales and saying that the market has decided, but by that logic you'd have to admit that the Wii is the best console. Sorry, but other than Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess, the Wii is a barren wasteland.

Beast_Master3698d ago

360 fans please explain to me how in holy heck you forsee MS competeing with PS3's exclusives in 09. Sorry they just don't have the studio support to do it. OK I will compare a head to head lineup.. now this is a best case for 360 I can come up with. Obviously there will be no Fable or Gears in 09 and We know there will be a Halo 3 Recon game.SO.....

The Battle of 09...not including casual games like Buzz or Sony's Sports or PSN vs Live arcade

PS3 Possible | 360 Possible

GT5 vs. Forza 3
Uncharted 2 vs. Splinter Cell (rumored to be multi-plat now)
Heavy Rain vs. Alan Wake
Killzone 2 vs. Halo 3 Recon
Infamous vs. Ninja Blade
Wardevil vs. Halo Wars
FF13Versus vs. another Square exlusive
R&C and New Jak vs. 2 possible unannouced Rare Titles
GOW3 vs. Halo Chronicles??
White Knight Chr. vs. (slight chance) Mass Effect 2 timed exclusive???

Where is the competition for the rest, they don't have the studios!!!
DC Online vs. ??
The Agency vs. ??
MAG vs. ???
Team ICO game vs. ???
London Studios secret game (the Protector) vs. ???
Twisted Metal Black vs. ????
Icognito's Secret game vs. ????
Rockstar's PS3 exclusive (contract agreement) vs. ????
Quantum Theory vs. ???

Please update this list if you can see something I have missed.

Bl00dVayn33698d ago

Dude, are you just ignoring the software numbers I have posted for you numerous times regarding NON SHOOTER games on the 360??? How about looking it up.

Forza 2 (racing game) - over 4 million copies
GH III (music game) - over 3 million copies
Rock Band (music Game) - over 2 million copies
Oblivion (RPG) - over 2 million copies
Mass Effect (RPG) - over 2 million copies
Viva Pinata (strategy) - 1.6 million copies
Assassins Creed (stealth/action) - over 4 million copies

Take note, NONE of these are shooters, and they ALL sold WELL over a million copies on the 360. And all you want to do is talk about how the 360 can only sell shooters. READ THE NUMBERS..... it's all there for you.

And everyone I know says it takes them forever to do updates on the PS3. Takes a while to even download the update, THEN you have to install the update. I don't think it is my update seeing as everyone else I know with a PS3 has the same problem. And if you can't see how much more advanced Live is as a community, then you desperately need to remove the Sony goggles that are blurring your vision. Here are a few things Live gives us that is very nice.

1. Parties for up to 8 people where everyone can chat in group and can be doing different things all at the same time.
2. Extremely fast system and game updates (PS3 takes forever, don't care how you try to spin it).
3. Much more efficient marketplace, and much more effiecient downloads (why does the PS3 require me to download everything, and then install everything??? 360 does this automatically).
4. Netflix streaming movies is VERY awesome, even if the selection is still small for instant streaming. VERY nice little bonus service for us netflix members.
5. In game chat supported in all games, and gives us nice privacy settings to block communications with those we don't want to communicate with.
6. Can instantly chat with friends no matter what type of game we are playing.... no need to stop what we are doing to chat with friends.

Aquanox3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Did you miss something? Yes. Actually, quite a lot.

1. The 360 is not slated to come in 3rd this year. It's barely 250k behind the PS3 in yearly sales and that's without counting December which statistically sales at least 4 times more consoles than regular months. That gap in favor of the PS3 for 2008 is just about to be cut and even surpassed. By the way, the 6.7Million advantage the Xbox 360 had by the end of 2006 remain exactly the same by now (End of Nov 2008) Check the Worldwide charts.

2. The PS3 matched the Xbox 360 2007 sales aid by the EUROPEAN Launch. After that launch, the sales of the PS3 were pretty falt both in the US and Europe but this launch boost helped them in the final number.

3. In 2008, the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 mostly due to the launch of MGS4. The Xbox 360 price cut did have an impact but the difference between both consoles weren't as big as expected. It wasn't until the launch of Fable 2 were the Xbox 360 started to double the Ps3 performance. This tells us the the Xbox 360 success isn't based ONLY in price strategy but also game library, software innovation (NXE), services, excellent marketing (something Sony must really learn if they want to hold a candle this gen) AND price strategy.

4. I don't know what statistics you're talking about. The Xbox 360 has 18 games scores above 90s whereas the PS3 has 10. In terms of exclusives, the PS3 had to wait until this year to have its first 90+ rated game in MC (MGS4) followed by LBP. The only 2 exclusives in the whole library to exceed the 90 mark. The Xbox 360 currently has 5, without counting Bioshock which was exclusive for more than 1 year and still managed to be technically superior to the PS3 version.

If you're talking about Resistance 2, it's currently falling to the 86's, well below Fable II and Left 3 Dead, both scored at 89% in MC. Don't even get me started by sales figures where both exclusive and multiplatform Xbox 360 games are way beyond their PS3 counterparts.

Metacritic shows that PS3 games edge out the 360 in terms of quality titles as a percentage of total games released. PS3 easily outpaces the 360 compared to it's launch in terms of units sold and speed at which quality games are released. PSN service improves vastly from launch and still remains free to users.

I guess the 360 is still remaining pretty steady. I guess sales aren't slowing, they just aren't growing anymore for the 360. That would constitute "holding on"

Aquanox3698d ago

Don't bother trying to compare list of games. Been there done that and you should ALREADY know that that is a list that sums up games that have been delayed over and over and now they all seem to be released in 2009. However, there are already rumors of some being pushed back to 2010 and if history tells us something, many of them will not see the light until then.

Never, ever give a suggested release date from Sony as granted. With Microsoft, at least we know they are almost always on time for their releases, with a few exceptions.

Anon19743698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

@ Bl00dVayn3. I'm not ignoring your handful of non-shooter games that sold alright on the 360. I'm not so naive that I think only shooters do well on the 360. It's just shooters and violent games do the best on the 360 compared to the PS3 fans who, judging by game sales, appear more well rounded in their game picks. For every 1 game on the 360 that cracks the one million mark, I can show you 10 that were ignored by 360 owners. I think my point is still a valid one.

As to your other points, you like paying $50 for in game chat. 3 of your 6 points regarding XBL are about in game chat. We get it. More power to you. It's a feature that I personally never used on XBL. Again, I don't know what's wrong with your system but I've never had an issue with the speed of system updates on the PS3. Don't know what to tell you there. Sorry you have to click an extra time after downloading a game to install. That's just nitpicking in my book.

@ Aquanox. We'll have to wait till the end of December then, but again..that does nothing to negate my point. 360 has been outsold all year. They finally picked it up. It'll be close. You're actually arguing that the 360 hasn't been able to expand it's lead like it's a good thing.

Let's see, how else are you wrong? Ah yes. You said the only reason the PS3 sold more was due to MGS4, not true. They only sold 200,000 more units in Jun vs May (interestingly, twice as many units more than Halo 3 caused the 360 to spike when released). Clearly it wasn't just one game. Ok..ah yes, then you questions my metacritic data without actually checking. Here's some homework for you. Check games with a score of 75 plus on both systems and then tell me what percentage of the total that is. Bury your head in the sand all you want, but you're blind if you can't see what's going on.

How do you reconcile the simple fact that, even at a much higher price point the PS3 from launch has been selling much, much better than the 360 ever did, and isn't slowing down? I'm not saying the 360 is doing badly by any stretch of the imagination, I just can't get over how so many fanboys scream the PS3 is doomed. Had they started at the same time the PS3 would be creaming the 360 right now. Does that tell you nothing? How can you all ignore that one, very simple fact?

Edit: Also, I noticed you going on about Sony delays. LBP was delayed a week or so due to that song thing. Home never had an official release. Games are usually given a release window, but those aren't set in stone. That's how the industry works. Where have you been? You want an example of how that works, check out Halo 3, Gear 2, Halo Wars, Bioshock on the 360, Dead Rising, Mass Effect, Forza 2, Too Human, and where the hell is Alan Wake already? Months of delays.
*goes back to work*....

Danja3698d ago

of-course the 360 can hold it's own in 2009 it's not like it doesn't have games coming out also....

The PS3 is looking to have the edge next year because of it's amazing games line-up but we really dont know what M$ is has planned or what other exclusive they will possible even aquire...

ne who I think it's safe to say that next year the PS3 will have another great year...and im looking forward to alot of games...

now im gonna step back..outta this fanboy riot...^.^

Beast_Master3698d ago

The games that are gonna be delayed till 2010 are not KZ2, Heavy Rain, Infamous, GT5, R&C, White Knight Chron. and Uncharted 2. Those will come in 09. Now, GOW3, ICO, Incognito etc. who knows that is why I matched them with miricle games on 360 side. For the 360 we know they will get Halo Wars and Halo 3 Recon. It is a simple Math question, Sony has 20+ 1st and 2nd party developers, MS has 7, 1 that is closing, 3 that couldn't possibly release a game in 09. So where are your 09 games gonna come from?

Answer: MS cannot compete exclusive for exclusive in 09 with Sony bottom line. Timed Exclusives and DLC are what is in store for 360 owners. So it sucks to be you!

pathetic fanboys3698d ago

apart from mgs4, they sell like dog-sh!t! kz2 and gt5(if that gets released next year are gonna be the only movers. nothing else will! i'll take cash bets now if you want sdf!

halo recon wether mediocre or not will destroy them sales wise. all this talk of sonys exclusives, and they cant do a thing to catch second place. i fear the truth, the ps3 will never even be a shadow of the other playstations.

it's just hard for sdf sites like this to grasp.

"just wait til(insert phrase here)" will be the ps3s epitaph!!

Anon19743698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

considering the ps3 matched the 360's sales last year, is still ahead this year and selling way better than the 360 ever did, and a platform game...A PLATFORM GAME...sold over one million units in a month. You act like the 360 selling 3 million copies of Gears 2 while games like Banjo, C&C Red Alert and Mirror's Edge can hardly break 100,000 in a month is a good thing. If the PS3 and 360 launched at the same time the PS3 would be creaming the 360 with these numbers, yet somehow the 360 crowd thinks that's unimporant. Deny, deny, deny. And the Wii? Never heard of it! Sure we're getting killed by a less powerful console that's $70 more expensive than our unit. But let's focus on our breaking even with the PS3's sales this year. What a victory!

shovelbum3698d ago

I'd say that it is doubtful for 2009 and most likely won't surpass the 360 until the 720 is available. In the end the PS3 will sell more but it'll be due to MS moving on to the next console IMO.

poindat3698d ago

God damn, it is a war in here!

I personally am looking forward more to the PS3 or 09, but both consoles should be able to hold their own, if 08 is any indication of things.

Fallen_Angel3697d ago

Fanboys screamed and yelled about 06 being the year of the ps3 when it was finally released it would destroy everything in its path. What happen it ? No one wanted to pay 600 dollars for a system and by the time x mas was over ebayer were flooding stores with ps3 they couldnt sell.

Then ps3 fanboys told us 07 would be the year of the ps3 cause ps3 was going to bury the 360 in AAA titles. Titles like DMC4,FF13, FF13vs, GT5, KZ2, MGS4, Tekken 6 and Home. What really happend was DMC4 went multi plat and every other title on that list was delayed.

So now 08 was the true year of the ps3. Cause this was the year that FF13, FF13vs, GT5, KZ2, MGS4, Tekken 6 and Home were all really coming out plus LBP and R2 were now coming out too and GTA4 would sell times as many copies on the ps3. What Happened ? All but MGS4 is delayed. FF13 and Tekken 6 sare announced as multiplat games. LBP flop and so did R2. GTA4 sold more on the 360 then the ps3

Now 09 is all set to be the next year ps3 with FF13vs, GOoW3, GT5, KZ2, and Home. Oops but wait its not even 09 and it looks like FF13vs will only be out in japan and they are already hinting that GOoW3 will be delay till 10.

Mean while in 360 land MS keeps a steady flow of AAA titles coming out year after year after year. MS hasnt anoounced much of 09 yet beside Halo wars but I'm sure they will have a good number of AAA that I will want

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gw4k3698d ago

They could take 2009 as well. Sony is doing a good job to catching up but still has a good way to go (coming from someone with both systems here...not flaming, just honest). If you are wise, you would own both systems.

Bleem3603698d ago

I am wise - just cant justify the expense for both right now. Its not just the initial outlay for the console but the cost of buying pads & games adds up too. I've already spent far too much on Fable, Far Cry and Fallout this month ;)

Merritt3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

$ONY has to outsell the 360 by 100,000 for 66.8 months to catch up to the Xbox 360's lead worldwide!!! It ain't going to happen!!

The lead is insurmountable. So while $S3 owners lament over beating the Xbox by a couple thousand here and there each month, the numbers don't add up to the world domination the P$3 users like to see.

Anon19743698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

...continue to grow sales at the exact same rate they are now while the 360 continues on at the current rate they're at. If everything stays exactly the same as it's going now the PS3 will catch up in 2009. A price cut for the PS3 would certainly help things along. Here's how it looks to me.

In 2007 the 360 moved 7.9 million consoles vs the PS3's 7.6 million consoles worldwide. So far this year from Jan-Nov, 360 sales are up 45% for the year, PS3 sales are up 65% for that jan-nov time period. If we assume Dec sales come in roughly the same final totals for 2008 will be 13 million PS3's vs 12 million 360's. The 360's lead will be roughly 5 million consoles.

If things continue on their present course of growth for 2009, end result for 2009 will be approx 22 million PS3's sold vs 17 million 360's, thus erasing the 360's worldwide lead from the extra year on the market. Of course a PS3 price cut would impact these numbers just like the 360's price cut stopped their sales slide in 2008.

Interesting. It seems to be all playing out just like the analysts predicted it would - with the PS3 pulling ahead in late 2009, early 2010. Only time will tell, of course.

Merritt3698d ago

The 360's lead is 6.8 million over the Playstation 3. The 360 would have to cease to be sold and the PS3 would have to sell 100,000 a month for 66.8 months to catch up. It won't happen. Keep on fighting the good fight SDF, you're not going to see the PS3 take over the 360 while it's MS' prime console.

Rhoic3698d ago

Cmon.. use your head. Even though the comment is fanboyish, he's right.. the 360 would have to completely halt for the PS3 to just suddenly sell 6 million MORE units in just 1 year. It just isn't going to happen. And if it does? Cool! Good for Sony!.. but I see no indication that the PS3 is going to be that phenomenal and trump the 360 in total sales next year. The reason? Their games can not(literally) sell.. there's been.. 14 games on the ENTIRE console that have sold over a million? Not to mention.. you have to realize that there's 2 major reasons to buy a PS3.. and it seems the attach rate for the PS3 is not in the gaming department.

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Craig David3698d ago

Please MS release a 360 slim in winter 09 and put the last nail in the coffin for ps3

dkgshiz3698d ago

HAHA, I doubt they could even release a 360 slim. Look at the 360 now. If they were ever to make it smaller. That thing would over heat so much it would probably start many fires.