PlayStation Plus Collection: All Games Ranked from Worst to Best

Xfire writes "Don't ever let the lack of release titles dissuade you from getting your hands on a PlayStation 5 whenever you can.

In addition to the fact that plenty of PlayStation 4 titles can be played on Sony's newest console, Sony has a couple of tricks up their sleeves to make getting one even more worth your while.

Case in point, the PlayStation Plus Collection."

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piroh69d ago

There are no worst games, all games in there are great. Days gone is one of the best games last gen

monkey60268d ago

I could leave CoD Zombies and Fallout 4 off there but the rest are fantastic.

Although worth noting i havent played Last Guardian or Days Gone yet

SullysCigar68d ago

Same re CoDZ and Fallout 4.

I enjoyed Fallout 3 at first, but was burnt out before the end and it started to feel empty and boring. I forced myself to finish, anyway. I skipped New Vegas as a result (I know that was possibly a bad idea as some say it was better), but then was tempted back to Fallout 4 thanks to my nostalgia goggles. It was a slog - I really tried to push on, but when you're just not having fun, you have to draw a line and my gaming time is too valuable to me!

I'd like to see The Last Guardian get a PS5 patch, as that game was a beautiful journey.

bouzebbal68d ago

Amazing value with this collection.. I highly recommend Days Gone, one of the best we've got last gen. My personal favorite!

monkey60268d ago

I loved Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Just felt 4 took too many steps backwards and had nothing interesting to add. It was a long and tedious journey.

As for Days Gone I actually bought it some time ago and haven't gotten around to it. I have it installed on my PS5 though and plan to play it soon

REDGUM68d ago

@ piroh
I agree though I never thought i Would with Days Gone. I never relly read up about it in the past no showed any interest in it really once it had released for no other reason than it's not my type of game.
That said, now with the ps5, sorry to those who don't have one yet, i'm impressed.
it's well paced, intriguing, action orientated, consistent with the atmosphere, plenty to loot. Even the build up to meeting you're 1st swarm (which I'll admit have only briefly seen by mistake by venturing into a cave) and ran to my bike to high tail out of there realizing a pistol & 23 bullets for an AK47 i think, ain't gonna do jack...
really looking forward to going back into the world to explore more. So far for me, it's a hidden gem.

A great selection of free games in the Sony offering. Thank you.

NecrumOddBoy68d ago

Days Gone was a go from the start. I knew it would have its issues but despite a few janky quirks, the game was phenomenal. Some of the best characters in an open world, the story was awesome, and the gameplay and world design are top tier. Never played any DLC/Challenges but my clock was at 95hours when I popped the platinum trophy. This game is patched up really nice and if you sleep on it or keep sleeping, you are really missing out on one of Sony’s best PS4 games.

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slayernz68d ago

ive platinumed about 3/4's of them (most on PS4 but chipping away at the list while waiting for new PS5 releases)

tried Persona the other day and i just couldnt get into it, felt slow and to be honest i got bored of it pretty quick, anyone else felt the same? lots of people raved about it but just couldnt see it.....

also days gone was awesome, loved every minute of it, i would put near the top of the list easily

Knushwood Butt68d ago

Yep, Days Gone should be way higher.

Neonridr68d ago

Games don't have to appeal to everyone. It's ok if you weren't interested by it. Doesn't make you any less of a gamer. Plenty of games aren't my cup of tea.

I haven't tried Days Gone myself, but will get around to it. Stuck in the middle of Control right now.

slayernz67d ago

just started control today, was a bit baffled at first what the hell was actually going on lol, but really enjoying it after a couple of hours

Neonridr67d ago

@slayernz - oh man, it's so bat shit crazy right now.

curtain_swoosh68d ago

persona is not for everyone. its heavily story and dialogue based. u wont get through a persona game fast. i personally loved every minute of it, but again, u need to be a fan of the style too.

days gone.. i dunno. thats the one i put away after an hour haha.

Grilla68d ago

Days gone takes a min to hook you, maybe 5-10 hours. P5 and Days gone are both great, just in different ways.

Yui_Suzumiya68d ago

I'd only recommend Persona to anime fans. I love Persona 5 / Royal. It's the only JRPG I've ever completed in 31 years of gaming.

slayernz67d ago

not a big anime fan, absolutely loved catherine though, that was heaps of fun.....might try P5 again when ive cleared a bit more backlog

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andy8568d ago

Days gone and Detroit at 18 and 15 respectively is a travesty with a weaker entry in the series much higher (FFXV) as they are both fantastic experiences. But it shows them quality of the list as a whole that they are.

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Vanfernal68d ago

Final Fantasy XV and Fallout 4 higher rated than Monster Hunter World... Right...

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