Rockstar awarding players with 'special bundle' for playing Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games are rewarding players for playing Red Dead Online between December 1 and February 15 with loads of free stuff.

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anast99d ago

This is cool, but I had to uninstall because the online game keeps giving me a server error. It's been happening for almost a year and the Star doesn't seem to be bothered with it.

Profchaos98d ago

Sad to see the state of rdr2 online overall these days the single player game was incredible and my goty on launch and something I still consistently went back to playing over the following two years.

Rdr online had so much potential imo but rockstar let it go stale and giving a few bundles here and there is t going to fix it. The roles they introduced were ok for level grinding I got to level 50 quickly with treasure hunting but struggled to maintain any interest in it after that point.

Game needs to take a note from GTA v and introduce heists or something like that to make the game more interesting the missions were great but good luck trying to solo play them

chicken_in_the_corn98d ago

Is Red Dead Online worth getting into?

brando00898d ago

I got into it again a few weeks back and it's come a long way since release. Overall I'd say to play some of the roles and MP story missions for a couple weeks, then move on. I rotated between Trader, Moonshiner, Collector, and a bit of Bounty Hunter at the end. It's a good time just having an excuse to roam around Rockstar's world, just make sure you keep Defensive mode on to discourage griefing (still happens). It's a shame that there is still so much untapped potential for RDO (heists, fisher role, hot air balloon, etc.).

EazyC98d ago

Given that player numbers are far eclipsed by GTA Online, I wonder would SP DLC have been more viable? Seems such a shame to me that such an awe-inspiring world has no more real, single player stories to tell.