A Mass Effect Spin-Off Game Inspired By Han Solo Was Cancelled Before Mass Effect 2

The Gamer: "The Mass Effect universe teems with everything from giant, subterranean worms who feed on solar radiation to space jellyfish capable of communicating with one another via barely perceptible alterations in color. There are gentle giants who have learned to move slowly because of how dangerous it is to fall on their homeworld, and ancient aliens who can read an inanimate object’s apparently existent mind simply by touching it.

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to believe that people have always been keen to explore this universe in more detail. What I mean by this is, it’s one thing to knock about from planet to planet as a super soldier tasked with saving the entire galaxy. But what about going to the back alley shitholes in nightlife districts less loud than Omega? What about visiting the volus’ homeworld of Irune in order to see them spit blue saliva at each other in the flesh? Look, we’ve had four Mass Effect games to date and I still haven’t seen a krogan ryncol party - what gives?"

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