KOTOR MMO has "potential" for action figures and comic book licensing

BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic could well turn into a licensing juggernaut, if comments made to VG247 by LucasArts are anything to go by.

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PotNoodle3701d ago

The first thing that came to my head when i saw the title was "SDFU".

Jinxstar3701d ago

It's George Lucas... Of course there will be merchandise...

Bolts3701d ago

Perhaps they should spend more time trying to avoid the fate of overly hyped MMOs such as Conan and WAR before they start thinking about KOTOR lunch boxes.

jluth33701d ago

will this be on consoles and will it cost money to play???? Im guessing no ans yes but you never know.

Merritt3701d ago

Supposedly no, it's apparently PC only at the moment.

They need to make the third and final RPG, before they release the MMO!

r1sh123701d ago

lucasarts are milking star wars a bit toooooo much now...