Saying Goodbye to Hitman's World of Assassination

With the release of Hitman 3, the World of Assassination Trilogy comes to a close. We look back at what exactly made us fall in love with IO Interactive’s expertly crafted stealth game.

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mudakoshaka138d ago

They were fun, but they were lacking so much when compared to the old games. The old games had a great story, great writing, and it had soul. The new games, 1-3, were like an empty shell. The story was non-existant, and the action felt amateurish. The one thing the new games have over the old is more choices to perform the assassinations, but the rest is really bland. Average game I say, and I have played ALL Hitman games. And I read an article recently that not a single developer from the old games was working on the new Hitman trilogy, and one can clearly see that in the decrease of quality.

Some are excited that the new 007 game is done by IO and that it will be similar to Hitman, but I do not consider that a good thing. 007 is a fast-paced style of game, and Hitman runs on slow-mo compared to real action games. And as I already mentioned, the story in the last 3 Hitman games has been awful which makes me fear for the story in 007 as the plot is important to make James Bond enjoyable. Time will tell.