Final Fantasy 7 Remake Devs Outline Their Plans For The World Outside Midgar For Sequel

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 has been in development since the launch of the Remake last year, and the devs recently had shared a little more about it.

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NealGamby74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Watch them announce later that they decided to only include some outside areas that are crucial to the game, storywise, as well as some brand new areas and that they are focused on making them as detailed as possible. I swear, if they skimp out and don't include the whole overworld, this game will be DOA to me.

Lionsguard73d ago

I do kind of agree with you that having a full size overworld would be nice but only if they can really pull it off and give it life. If it's just a big map to be a big map's sake and it's just endlessly filled with a whole lotta nothing and weird, static enemies that just walk around willy-nilly then maybe I'd rather they not go that route. Especially if it eats up too much dev time and money. But boy, if they do it right, it'll be amazing. I just dream of seeing Cosmo Canyon in its full glory after seeing that UE5 demo.

Tech573d ago (Edited 73d ago )

"I just dream of seeing Cosmo Canyon in its full glory after seeing that UE5 demo."

They have not yet mentioned anything about moving to UE5 though.
UE5 is also still in early production. for now UE4 has been the only engine listed for the remake.

UE4 is still a solid engine and still has a list features not yet used in games.
real-time water effects
real-time smoke effects
volumetric clouds.

DevilOgreFish73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

@ tech
some of these features can still choke new hardware, if used too much. it's almost ludicrous why epic introduced a new engine. some of their older work is still new to games. UE5 no doubt will be awesome but also there is still more that can be done with the engine before.

Lionsguard72d ago

@Tech5 I'm aware. I'm just wet dreaming, let me be.

Hotabang73d ago

Lmao truth!

(They'll end up saying the shadows of fate or whatever those, moronic creatures were, won't allow you to traverse certain areas)

curtain_swoosh73d ago

well i mean... they're gone, so... haha

lio_convoy73d ago

Go play the original if you want that experience.

DaigotheKing72d ago

No how about they just deliver the experience they promised?

Taero73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I mean, most of the actual Overworld was an annoying slog of where do I go, getting into random battles when you don't want to, and endlessly running in circles when you do want to to grind up. I'll take what they did in Episode 1 over how Midgard was in the original game. So many rose tinted glasses being worn when people compare the two.

If they can do a similar thing with Episode 2 then I'll be right in line ... though not pre ordering, that's dead to me now, thanks CP2077...

NealGamby73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

That's your opinion. Sounds like you just don't like classic RPG's. The exploration of a huge overworld map and random fights is what makes it what it is. In my opinion, FF started going downhill with FFX when they got rid of the overworld and everything was on rails. It's like they dumbed it down to appeal to the mss market and people like yourself who may not be into RPG's.

I don't need my RPG's to guide me on rails. I have common sense and above average problem solving skills. I like exploring and searching a big map. I can figure it out on my own.

DaleCooper73d ago

Yep, this is going to be the way it goes. Though I'd happily be wrong in this case.

CosmicTurtle72d ago

You were fairly restricted when you went to the open world initially. Most of the moves were point by point and fairly linear. The open world had very little in it, a couple of offshoots. Eventually it opens up after get a specific vehicle, by the time the story gets there the assets will already be in place. I actually expect the outside sections to be more involved than they were in the original because of the scale. They have already showed they can do this in FFXV

Master of Unlocking72d ago

Exactly what I always feared they would do with parts II, III etc.: they know they'll have to keep the Highwind in some form in the game, but when you take control of it it'll just be a screen where you select where you want to go, and you'll be taken there automatically, like in FFX back then. No more free roaming I fear. The japanese don't know how to make open worlds, much less open worlds teeming with life. And I dare Square-Enix and Tetsuya Nomura and co to prove me wrong.

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Hitman00773d ago

I wish Developers would drop exclusive crap like this makes me want to play it less when i have to buy a specific machine to see it!!

TheColbertinator73d ago

That's how exclusives work. Sony buys timed exclusivity and Microsoft buys entire studios.

Mr_Writer8573d ago


So did I just dream PlayStation buying Insomniac?

CobraKai73d ago

Not to mention Sucker Punch, Guerilla Games, Media Molecule, and Naughty Dog.

curtain_swoosh73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

so, you're not playing Mario or Zelda games ? Uncharted, the last of us, halo, smash brothers, the list goes on and on.

so u basically dont play anything thats not 3rd party? geez.

SDuck73d ago

Out of those, the only I've ever played was The Last of Us. Pc is the more affordable "console" in the long run and not everyone can afford to buy a Switch, a playstation and an Xbox just for that one game you're interested

Thundercat7773d ago

But you didn't complained about The Medium "exckuve crap".

How ironic. In other words, you are OK with Xbox doing it but not ok if Playstation does it.

73d ago
RememberThe35773d ago

So if a game isn't on every platform it's anti consumer? How do you decide that? What platforms are enough platforms to be okay in your book? And where is the actual problem? What about all the PC games that aren't on console, is that a problem as well? And if we all have PlayStations why would we care that you don't have one? We don't know you, and frankly you don't seem worth knowing. This whole argument only seems to facilitate you whining.

Also, if N4G is infamously pathetic wtf you doing here?


Judging from the replies it appears most would prefer to promote anti consumerism so they can get one up on their fanboy rivals

SDuck73d ago

You know this game will come out for PC after March, right?

CobraKai73d ago

I felt this way when I was 10 and I wanted both a SNES and Sega Genesis. But that’s how exclusives work. They make you want both systems. It’s why later I prioritized games vs systems and made it a point to buy any system as long as they had multiple games I want. It’s why right now I don’t have a Series X.

CrimsonWing6973d ago

Um, that's kind of the point. They want to sell their product and exclusives are the incentive.

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Flawlessmic73d ago

Well it cant be worse than part 1, between the forced slow walking, absolutely linear world, no adventure just left us in stupid midgar for 40 hours, those goddam 59 levels of steps in the shinra HQ, actually be dammed with shinra HQ and its tour.

Massive let down of a game, honestly dont understand how it qas highly rated, i mean the battle system was good and the graphics but thats about it, the rest left a lot to be desired

Thundercat7773d ago

Don't know which one you played but the FF7 Remake that I played was amazing!!!

It was both a critical and commercial success with one of the best battle system on a FF game.

Flawlessmic73d ago

So u enjoyed the corridor remake ?

How about all the slow walking, corny acting, same boring old midgar instead of a traditional adventure like ff games always are.

Game was padded as hell not msntion is home to aome of the worst side quests ever.

I mean come on guys the original is amazing but this game was a 7/10 at best, trust me i wanted to love this.

Michiel198973d ago

@flawless u just want a 4k remaster, not a remake. Stop trying to make people feel bad for liking a game that isnt a 100% copy pasta.

73d ago
RememberThe35773d ago

The argument was that he thought it was amazing. It was in the first sentence. You get kicked off reddit or something?

Why the fk did y'all bring your negative asses over here?

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andy8573d ago

The levels of steps were in the old game too. You didn't have to use that entrance. Of course it was corridors. It's like you don't remember midgar in the original game. There was only one route to go. And the forced slow walking...that's simply done to load new areas, which shouldn't be a problem if the next one is on next gen.

Popsicle73d ago

The steps are true to the original. Take the elevator.

bestofyou73d ago

IKR, it kept true to the original and this guy complained when he could have taken the elevator. lol

FinalFantasyFanatic72d ago

Personally I'd complain about the story changes like the time ghosts or Kingdom Hearts fanfic near the end, but you do you.

jbrock1172d ago

Pretty much because the majority that played it didn't play the original so the really had no expectations. I'd agree though. Wasn't a total letdown for me but definitely was not the game I wanted or expected.

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