GameSpot's Best of 2008: Preliminaries

In a year when most businesses tried to figure out how to stay alive, the video game industry thrived thanks to two things: great games, and you. So give yourself a pat on the back; your thirst for single-handedly saving the world with magic, guns, and fast thumbs has kept the gaming industry going strong when all else seems to be going wrong.

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Capital G3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

no fable II!?!??

but they include uber flops lbp and resistance 2!

gamespot just lost all credability

ngg123453701d ago

Duh. They are ps3 droids trying to ruin xbox 360.

Timesplitter143701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

dude it's not a reason to report the story as ''fake'' and ''spam''

That's right. We can see your name there.

Speed-Racer3701d ago

just because yo dont agree doesnt give u the right to mark this as fake or spam.

meepmoopmeep3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

you should be warned.
there's nothing fake about this news.

if you can't approve or report news without bias
you shouldn't be allowed to at all.

mikeslemonade3701d ago

Fable 2 last time I checked barely has a 9 in metacritic so your obviously biased for a product that isn't supposed be there. Last year some of the employees didn't even own a PS3 and still there are articles they write that are clearly negative about the PS3. I'd say Gamespot is still biased towards the 360.

Halochampian3701d ago

although I dont think Fable 2 should win, it should defiantly be a nominee. It was a great game and I feel it was quite possibly the best RPG this year.

And based on your logic, Resistance 2 shouldnt even be on that list because it scored lower than a 90.

el_bandito3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

This poll is based on the games' performance in Gamespot's "review" and not performance in "sales".

Asurastrike3701d ago

Ughh, LBP has sold 910k. How is that an "uber flop"?

Lifendz3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

you said that thinking people would let you keep those bubbles?

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PoSTedUP3701d ago

yea man... best game i evar played.

xhi43701d ago

My pick would be Metal Gear Solid 4

I borrowed my mates copy, played the whole thing over 3 days...........unbelievable.

Unparrelled somes it up.

Best game with SA, God of War 2 and (not many will agree but at the time) Kingdom Hearts lol

But yeah MGS4 HAS to win.

But LBP vs. MGS4..............I wouldn't count LBP out!

WIIIS13701d ago

I bought it, I labored through it and I regretted it.

Anything else I must experience about MGS4?

Edge Maverick3700d ago

It would have helped if you actually owned a PS3.

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TOO PAWNED3701d ago

I think that it is a bit silly that every site has its Game of the year. It would be like every TV station having movie awards. Make one big show like OScars where all "experts" come together behind closed doors and decide who is winnerS.

TOO PAWNED3701d ago

BTW i gave my vote to MGS4. LBP only 6% atm, which is surprise. Where are Fab 2 and Gear 2 ?:D

ngg123453701d ago

that is the reason why they aren't listed

PoSTedUP3701d ago

gears2 and fable 2 aren't flops.

yall killed the meaning of a flop... for real....

Timesplitter143701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I have to say NHL should've been replaced by Gears 2 and Bioshock by Fable 2.

I just don't see how NHL could have ANY chance of winning the GOTY 2008 award. Arguably one of gaming's biggest years yet with 1998.

I absolutely love Bioshock, but like I said earlier, I think it belongs to last year

PoSTedUP3701d ago

NHL09 is damn good. best hockey game i ever played. its the definition of fun.

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Timesplitter143701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

1- MGS4
2- Fallout 3

I'm quite satisfied with that. It's pretty much how I would've ranked them. Bioshock is awesome too but IMO it belongs to last year.

edit : darn GTA takes the third spot... oh well

ikiru33853701d ago

that's a good top three....

i'd say it's more like:

1. LBP
2. MGS4
3. Fallout 3

for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.