Resident Evil 7 biohazard Update 1.09 (Gold Edition 1.04) Rolled Out

Capcom has released the Resident Evil 7 biohazard update 1.09 (Gold Edition 1.04)! This update is out on all platforms right now.

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SullysCigar81d ago

So no patch notes then, great.

Good to know that they are going to patch RE7 for next gen though and that there's still 'talk' of RE8 on PSVR!

XbladeTeddy81d ago

This is what I found, nothing major really:

Fixed crashing issues.
Added gameplay optimizations.
Fixed some audio-related issues.
Added stability and performance improvements.
Other under the hood fixes.

From here:

Magog81d ago

The only thing I noticed was a new link to pre-order RE8.

galgor81d ago

I hate this trend in gaming. No, I'm actually less likely to buy your next/new game if you flaunt it in my face.

CrimsonWing6981d ago

Easy there turbo, it's not that invasive. No different than having a link to the platform store to purchase DLC.