Hades Beats Triple-A Competitors for GOTY at New York Game Awards

Supergiant's roguelike dungeon crawler game Hades managed to beat all triple-A competitors to snatch the Game of the Year at the 10th annual New York Game Awards. Other winners include Ghost of Tsushima, Half-Life: Alyx, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Genshin Impact.

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Michiel198934d ago

This game deserves it for sure. Its actually a game who expands on the genre of roguelikes in the way it presents the story. Combined with the great voice acting and awesome soundtrack it makes for a great game.

shabz66634d ago

Cannot agree more. The sheer combinations of weapons boons and upgrades all somehow work together every run. I start out hating the shield and then end up going further in the run with it, than any other weapon before.The game consistently surprises me at how everything just works well together. Supergiant has done some great work , not only on just the gameplay front but as you said the voice acting and sound track work well together too.

zacfoldor34d ago

Incredible game. I'm playing on Switch and using the bow. Epic so far.

zacfoldor34d ago

Honestly, I think some people don't like this game because it isn't on their platform yet.

Gameseeker_Frampt34d ago

Taking the Epic bribe and screwing over the other platforms that built you up as a studio does have that effect. Most fanbases don't like it when developers treat them like crap.

RavenWolfx34d ago

This is an amazing game, it deserves GOTY.

Nodoze34d ago

PUT IT ON OTHER PLATFORMS!!!! I really wish that game devs/publishers would stop with this crap. It looks like easy money to keep a game 'exclusive' it really just hurts their sales.
I will NOT buy this on the Switch. I would buy DAY 1 on PS or Xbx platforms.

ProLogY34d ago

Hardcore agreed with this. I know port begging is never a good look, but I'd love to see this game on my TV at 4K on PlayStation and Xbox, it's a little soft on Switch.

I'd happily double dip on this game, let me give you money Supergiant!

ZeekQuattro34d ago

The port begging for this game is comical. People love to club Switch fans over the head for doing it but damn if they arent the first ones to cry foul when the tables are turned. It's pathetic and needs to stop. Its a timed exclusive. Not a hard concept to grasp. Indie titles tend to sell better on the Switch. Hence why so many devs do things like this. It's just business but clearly it's personal for a lot of bitter people on this site. Lol

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