Mass Effect Andromeda isn’t as bad as its reputation suggests

Alex Donaldson: "With the news that a new Mass Effect and a Trilogy remaster are on the way, BioWare’s science fiction RPG series has been on my mind a lot. So I did what anyone would do; I returned to what is generally regarded as ‘the worst one’. But you know what? Mass Effect Andromeda isn’t nearly as bad as its online reputation suggests."

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RazzerRedux79d ago

Not nearly. It was a good, not great Mass Effect game. Disappointing thing is there was a hell of a lot more they could have done in a sequel to improve. But it got slammed by the early bugs that were eventually fixed and turned it into a good game. Had it had a six month delay, we would be talking about the game in a much different context.

LordoftheCritics79d ago

Fixing the bugs is one thing, fixing the writing is a whole another thing.

TricksterArrow79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Yep. Uninspired villains, aliens and quests killed this game. The characters were decent, not nearly as iconic as any of the original crew, but had plenty of room to grow. But going to an entire new galaxy and seeing humanoid aliens with tech that resembled our own (heck, the Hanar and Elcor in our own galaxy were more creative) as well as fetch quests to make bar drinks and other trivial stuff made this game extremely bland. I couldn't even finish it. No sense of awe whatsoever.

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TheOtherMoon78d ago

Looking back, off the top of my head I can rattle-off the characters/companions of Mass Effect 1-3. I cannot name one character from MEA (I googled to confirm the protagonists name). The main characters, companions and antagonist were poorly written. The planets were uninteresting, and using the storyline to excuse having planets and creatures look similar was a terrible design concept. Looking back, it was not a good game and it is as bad as we remember. Sadly, it does not have to do with a team of unqualified designers, writers ,etc. It has everything to do with what happens when strong talent is mismanaged.

neutralgamer199278d ago

It's a bad game and it's shameful smaller studios don't give up and patch while EA stopped the studio from patching it further even it it generated over 100 million at launch

The writing stinks, animations are bad, mission design all revolve around tower defense and hacking terminals and even the map system and navigation is broken

Jiub78d ago

I agree completely. If it was not a ME game, then it would have been viewed positively after the patches. ME set that bar too high. I also agree with others here that it wasn't "Alien" enough.

Christopher78d ago

The writing in the game was pretty bad. Gameplay was fine.

potedude78d ago

One of the worst things I found in each level was the repetitiveness of missions. Each one was basically the same thing and once you had done the main mission, the side quests were boring and not worth spending time doing.

The graphics were decent but not amazing and the planet with the plants made things really hard to see. I thoroughly enjoyed the battles although some were a bit easy.

Didn't care at all for any of the characters.

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DJStotty79d ago

I personally enjoyed Andromeda, the thing that put me off Bioware, is when they essentially told the fanbase, "if you want to find out what happened to the quarian ark, sorry you can not have the DLC, but buy this book"

That, and that alone essentially killed the franchise amongst it's fanbase. (will not even mentioned ME3 ending scenario).


iDadio79d ago

I played it in its “fixed” state and I would struggle to recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the original trilogy it’s so so far away from those.

Viewing it from a game standpoint it’s ok, I’d struggle to say it was a “good” game it’s competent. It wasn’t just the animations and bugs though because I felt the story was dire, the writing laughable and the characters uninteresting.

rlow179d ago

I tried it on Gamepass and it wasn't bad but not great either. I agree that it needed more time in the kitchen.

Outlawzz78d ago

I still have half a mind to play this game lol me3 turned me off the series tho. Wasn't interested in the combat after they went full action. I loved it for the rpg elements and story which diminished as they went along.

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