The Last of Us: Part II Has Now Won More Game of the Year Awards than Any Other Game in History

A new record has been broken by developer Naughty Dog’s latest game The Last of Us: Part II as it has now won more Game of the Year awards than any other game in history.

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Nyxus84d ago

Congratulations to Naughty Dog for this achievement!

Sonic-and-Crash84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

they were nt all fair imo

_SilverHawk_83d ago

Tlou 2 is technologically the best game ever made and its also a great game. It deserves amazing success. I can't wait to play an updated ps5 version and also factions 2.

FATAL1TY83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

NAUGHTY DOG > cd projekt, valve, bethesda, xbox game studios...

★ Flawless Victory ★

GottaBjimmyb83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I mean, I didn't like the original, (gameplay was just clunky IMO) so I actually like the new one better, but I would hardly call it the best game ever. Considering it has received the most awards, that is implied (if not explicit) to be the case.

I feel like the series is a bit overhyped IMO, even of the Naughty Dog properties I prefer Uncharted better.

Good to see a SP story driven game getting the limelight, we need more of that, so no complaints here. That said I honestly do think Tsushima was better, but I get that trolls have made that a edgy opinion. Not to mention other Sony exclusive SP games that were objectively better on all fronts like God of War 4. (I could legitimately understand that being the most awarded game)

Tetsdah83d ago

@Gotta Jimmy

That is the issue. You can't say objectively, because that would only becomparing technical aspects. So visuals, fps, sound design, how buggy the game is, etc... The game is a technical marvel. And as much as I love Tsushima, its physics don't match, animations don't match, models don't match, and details don't match. I loved Tsushima art style and how gorgeous the game is, but it had a lot of low resolution textures.

God of War is the closest combatant, but still falters to it.

Now if we're talking subjectively, then it boils down to your opinion. This isn't saying the game is unanimously the best nor should that be the intent. I didn't agree with the TW3 the GOAT. The animations and combat put me off. But I share minority opinion. The majority of critics and players thought it was. Now that has happened with TLOU2. Not unanimously the greatest, just a majority gave it game of year, and may be considered it GOAT. You share a minority opinion stating otherwise.

That's fine that you do. Not everyone's opinions align

mikeslemonade83d ago

True goty, not Ghost of Tsushima who shouldn’t even have been nominated.

Babadook783d ago (Edited 83d ago )

“The Last of Us: Part II Has Now Won More Game of the Year Awards than Any Other Game in History”

This is false. ☝️ TLoU pt1 still has far more critic awards at 191. Pt 2 might catch it but it is still sitting at 169. User reviews are not significant in comparing with past years as the number of user awards increases dramatically every year.

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SullysCigar84d ago

Amazing achievement, isn't it? Fully justifiable too - awesome game!

gamer780483d ago

Games media sure did push this one along with the awards despite the first one being far better both from a games journalist standpoint and user reviews. I enjoyed detroit and hellblade2 far more because it wasn’t ideologically driven with poor storytelling. But if you like it good for you but like the oscars more awards doesn’t equate to anything other than the media really liked it for whatever reasons.

TGGJustin83d ago

@gamer7804 I found one of those salty haters. As usual people like this ignore the fact that the game has 90+ player voted GOTY awards which is FAR more than any other game last year. But yeah tell me more how it's just the media who thinks it's an amazing game.

Btw I like how you enjoyed Hellblade 2 more when that game isn't even going to be out for another 1-2 years.

RauLeCreuset83d ago (Edited 83d ago )


"I enjoyed detroit and hellblade2 far more because it wasn’t ideologically driven..."

Telling on yourself? That would explain why you've been so insistent on sticking by false claims about this game. You need to let it go. The case is closed and has been closed for a while now. You may not agree with the outcome, but this obsessive compulsion to relitigate it just because the game or someone involved with it is mentioned or given props is not a good look.

Besides, as I explained to you in our extensive back and forth on this thread TLOU2 has almost 700% more positive user reviews than the original on the site you named as the basis for your opinion.

Nyxus83d ago

@ gamer7804: yeah yeah, the media this, the media that. But did you miss the fact that this game also has the most Reader's Choice awards? More than Breath of the Wild, more than The Witcher 3.

RazzerRedux83d ago

Why even discuss this with such an obvious Xbox troll? If he can put TLOU 2 in a negative light, he will.

Here. Even in a damn Mass Effect Andromeda article:

"I really liked it, but like last of us part 2, I can see the flaws and why it’s sitting in the 5 range on metacritic. "

Redemption-6483d ago

Someone appears to be really hurt by this, but we all expected this

RauLeCreuset83d ago

"Why even discuss this with such an obvious Xbox troll? If he can put TLOU 2 in a negative light, he will."

I struggle to find a reason beyond trolling that someone would claim "games media sure did push this one along with the awards" when anyone who bothered to read the article can see that TLOU2 actually won more reader's choice awards and less media awards than the original.

RazzerRedux83d ago


Yep. It is willful ignorance. Plain and simple.

SullysCigar83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Anyone else here find the usual TLOU2 disagree bot about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the groin? Someone needs to get over it! At least make it a little less obvious Lmao

gamer780483d ago (Edited 83d ago )

@raul just because you were right on the percentage of number of users that slightly more liked it then didn’t still isn’t glowing praise or change the fact that in general it was less well received by users than the previous game even with it having the benefit of being a sequel. Again it’s fine if some people like it and some people don’t. I liked mass effect andromeda and a lot of other people didn’t. It’s just opinions no reason to get so defensive about it. It’s okay to like a devisive game.

RauLeCreuset83d ago


LMAO. Okay guy. It's over half a year after release, and you're still popping into TLOU2 accolade articles spreading lies and moving goalposts to hate on the game. Pretending it's the people arguing against you who are so insecure that they need the masses to agree with them is as losing an argument as all of your others.

Let me direct your attention to your comment that "games media sure did push this one" and leave you with this, lest you think I got distracted swatting down your deflections.

From the article you must not have bothered to read:

The Last of Us: Part II – 261 (169 Media, 92 Reader’s Choice)
The Last of Us – 254 (196 Media, 58 Reader’s Choice)

Which got more media awards, and which got more reader's choice awards? D'oh!

gamer780483d ago

@raul oh okay so only certain opinions are acceptable after a period of time, it’s like instead of a timed exclusive it’s a timed opinion, gotcha forgot how echo chambers worked.

RauLeCreuset83d ago


Did you also forget how strawman arguments work, or should we chalk this up to your penchant for disingenuous commentary?

BTW, still from the article you didn't read before sticking your foot in your mouth.

The Last of Us: Part II – 261 (169 Media, 92 Reader’s Choice)
The Last of Us – 254 (196 Media, 58 Reader’s Choice)

gamer780483d ago

@raul no straw man , just some people’s opinions, I’m not saying it didn’t win any player awards. It did, doesn’t change the fact there were still a large amount of players who didn’t like it. Myself included. You can count yourself in the the group who liked it, you just cant discount the other groups existence though.

RauLeCreuset82d ago


You either don't know what a strawman argument is or are being disingenuous. Moving on.

"I’m not saying it didn’t win any player awards"

There you go moving the goalposts again. Here's what you said:

"Games media sure did push this one along with the awards despite the first one being far better both from a games journalist standpoint and user reviews. I enjoyed detroit and hellblade2 far more because it wasn’t ideologically driven with poor storytelling. But if you like it good for you but like the oscars more awards doesn’t equate to anything other than the media really liked it for whatever reasons."

Your entire point is invalidated by the fact that the article you didn't bother reading shows TLOU2 had less media awards and more reader's choice awards than TLOU. "Games media sure did push this one along..." What a fail.

gamer780482d ago

@raul of course it had more user reviews there are more in general than media critics... I wast even talking about that part... all I’m saying is player wise it was a divisive game. And you can choose to love the game that’s fine but you can’t deny the existence that there is a large group that didn’t.

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Vx_83d ago

After the disappointment of CP2077, it is safe to say that TLOU2 is one of the most well developed and well-polished game ever.

kimbomma183d ago


Yes, actually it is indeed far more fun to play than the first game in fact because the gameplay is vastly superior and improved in every way!

Vx_82d ago


Well, that is subjective.

83d ago
RauLeCreuset83d ago

I'll put this here rather than reply to a comment that will be collapsed when someone gets sent away to enjoy their 2nd ban:

The Last of Us: Part II – 261 (169 Media, 92 Reader’s Choice)
The Last of Us – 254 (196 Media, 58 Reader’s Choice)

Anyone about to rant about the media should consider the implications of that.

Final_Aeon83d ago

The implication, other than what Golfcoachh mentioned below, is that game media are even more out of touch with actual gamers. I mean, remember 10 years ago when IGN and Gamespot's reviews were still generally taken seriously? Do you actually know of reviewers now that are looked up to? A game journalist used to be a sweaty nerd, but at least they'd know their stuff. Nowadays, journo's are pushing ideology instead of just reviewing games. So no, the opinion of 260 people who think they're qualified in what they do (but actually aren't), won't sway my opinion.

Golfcoachh83d ago

Doesn't hurt that there are far more game awards now than there were 20 years ago....

SullysCigar83d ago

Yup, and TLOU2 still scooping up the biggest portion like a greedy thing!

frostypants83d ago

This needs to be higher. It's why this is not a very meaningful statistic. Some other game will break this record within a couple of years, because there will be even more award givers for whatever the popular game of the time happens to be.

RazzerRedux83d ago

Witcher 3 was the previous record holder and that was only 5 years ago.

TheKingKratos83d ago

Yet no game was able to beat two games from 7 years ago (TLOU) and 5 years ago (witcher 3)
Till 2021 (TLOU2)

And there goes your entire argument

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83d ago
VerminSC83d ago

Anyone else notice that anyone praising the game is getting around 36+ downvotes. Someone definitely has made multiple accounts. What a sore loser.

83d ago
lelo2play83d ago

Most of these awards are worthless. Nowadays, any fanboy can create a website, blog, stream, etc, and give awards to whoever they want... and it counts as +1.

Basically, someone can create 100 websites and give 100 awards to the same game.

VerminSC83d ago

Lol well then people can do the same for other games. GOT had thousands voting for it to spite TLOU2.

To think TLOU2 won 250+ awards from fake accounts is a whole other level of naivety

neutralgamer199283d ago

The YouTube reviewers went for clicks and likes so they started to hate on this game and this other mainstream media liking the game so much. This was one of the most sold game at launch generating the third most money in PlayStation history for an exclusive

Rambokind83d ago

Here for the ratio. You earned it.

GameZenith83d ago

Why are you being downvoted?

SullysCigar82d ago

Someone has a bot that they use seemingly only in TLOU2 articles to paint the agree/disagree ratio in a bad light for the game - it's almost as funny as it is sad lol

Homushi83d ago

no congrats at all. fuk that game. Ghost of Tsushima is outselling it. its just biased gaming journalism politics. fuk neil druckmann

TheKingKratos83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Look at all the disagree bots activated and salty trolls who are on suicide watch


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TGGJustin84d ago

Well deserved for sure. Curious to see where the final tally for it will end up.

KyRo83d ago

Well deserved indeed. I pray that ND weren't put off by the very vocal minority who done nothing but shit on the game and that we get to see The Last of Us Part 3 one day.

That cliffhanger needs addressing 🙏

shepherdzeMan83d ago

False news! The Witcher 3 is ahead with almost 100+ more awards!


TGGJustin83d ago

Maybe you should look at my source rather than go dig up one that isn't counting half of the awards that were handed out. That site you posted counts a site's award one year and then leaves it off the next. Too inconsistent to trust

kfk83d ago

Your reference is the site that just added much more strict, new rules this year that it wasn't following before? Of course the totals will be lower.

potatoseal84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

"it seems that both media and fans felt like it was the best game of the year"

Amazing. Well done.


The game is a MASTERPIECE

Jin_Sakai84d ago

Agreed. Patiently waiting for a PS5 patch.

SullysCigar84d ago

Hear hear - and the multiplayer game!

Flawlessmic84d ago

No suprises here, despite my own issues with some parts of the story or having to play as abbie it truly was a special game, naughty dog deserve every bit of praise they get!

Applejack84d ago

This sums up my feelings of the game exactly.

Relientk7783d ago

Absolutely agree with you. It's also the most memorable game of 2020 for me. Definitely my GOTY

Flawlessmic83d ago

Wow, whats with all the disagrees ?

kimbomma183d ago

You gave TLOU2 praise, even though you noted you had issues with it you should know by now that even the slightest bit of praise warrants vast disapproval!

Snookies1283d ago (Edited 83d ago )

@Flawlessmic - The haters are just disagreeing anything relating to praise for the game haha. They're so pathetic with that man... Anyone with half a brain can see how incredibly well made Last of Us 2 was. Not 'liking' the story direction is no excuse for saying the game is bad when it blows away anything else out there right now on a technical and design level. It's actually kind of sad that they missed out on such an amazing game.

shinoff218383d ago

At first I was just hoping the Abby thing would stop. After some more time playing as her I didnt mind it. They did real good making this game. I'm 38 years old and itsgotta be in my top 5 series/games ive ever played.

blackblades83d ago

Let me get this straight people hate the game because of the story didnt go there way.

Applejack83d ago

Not liking the story doesn’t mean you have to hate the game. Everything else about the game is nothing short of amazing. At least to me it is.

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RazzerRedux84d ago

Standing ovation for a brilliant game