Valve Software: Gabe Newell believes brain interface will soon enable games to surpass reality

Valve's Gabe Newell believes that a brain interface for computers will make even more immersive games possible in the future that could surpass reality. He also thinks that this could be implemented very soon.

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Knightofelemia735d ago

I would buy a machine that is set up to how Kirito and Asuna play games in Sword Art Online

Inverno735d ago

The world of Sword Art is something I don't think any developer right now will ever bother attempting to create. I've seen .Hack too and the games both those anime show is something I wish someone would make. A real life simulation presented in a medieval fantasy-esque aesthetic would make me quit real life in a heart beat lol

Double_O_Revan735d ago

Software might be really buggy though...

Profchaos735d ago

Maybe and maybe the flying car bug was really just a prediction of flying car software failure.

ScootaKuH735d ago

If reality moves at 3 frames per second that is 😉

Kabaneri735d ago

That sounds cool but imagine the social consequences some people would get really attached to that alternate reality.

Lore735d ago

Dwight in Second Life comes to mind

Extermin8or3_735d ago

Automate farming systems abd have computers feed us through tubes and live theblife you want.... lol wait what if the Matrix Is real? :?o :p

AFKghost735d ago

I really dont give a flying monkey doodoo about all this futurism bs. Its really just sad, old timers on their way out desperately trying to stay relevant when they should have been making good games for the last 20 years.

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The story is too old to be commented.