BioShock Infinite Isn't BioShock 3

Irrational Games' BioShock Infinite feels like a pretty terrible BioShock game, but it's entertaining anyway when you're swept up in it.

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Knightofelemia674d ago

Bioshock Infinite is one of my favorites having a city float in the skies is just as good as a city under water. The DLC has some bugs to it but I enjoyed it. And who is to say that Infinite is Bioshock 3 it could simply be a side story until Bioshock 3 comes out.

bouzebbal673d ago (Edited 673d ago )

"BioShock Infinite Isn't BioShock 3"

Hhhhh obviously not, since it's called Bioshock Infinite

Neonridr674d ago

Infinite is just part of the entire Bioshock universe. It doesn't need to be a specific number in the series.

There is always a lighthouse, there's always a man, there's always a city.

FinalSpero673d ago

It is a great Bioshock though. And my personal favorite of the series. Just because it isn't in Rapture doesn't make it bad.

Inverno673d ago

The setting is amazing aesthetically, but everything else wasn't very Bioshock. First 2 games can be pretty repetitive gameplay wise, but the world building is something Infinite lacked big time. It's themes were also poorly done and it was all over the place as it kept its generic FPS pace. With that said if Kevin could come back and make the game that he first talked about i would love to see it

Concertoine673d ago

So not saying the first two games are on a Deus Ex level, but the combat was 5x less repetitive to Infinite for me. In Bioshock you could tailor your build to be plasmid or weapon, or melee or hacking. You had actual moral choices to make that actually impacted the game (especially in 2). The second game in general has really fun combat, even if the story is lacking.

I never felt those games went as far as they could, but Infinite definitely doesnt. Two weapon limit, no choices, reliance on long cinematics and a linear story.

Darkborn673d ago

I have the bioshock collection and I've been meaning to get into it sometime. I just wonder when I'll have the time and if it'll live up to the praise it gets.

B68W672d ago

You and me both. I've started the original Bioshock a couple of times and then get sidelined and forget where I'm at but it was fun when I was playing it. Infinite I bought years ago standalone and played it straight through, I thought it was a fun game with it's own charm, I think you'll like it.

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The story is too old to be commented.