Riddick: Dark Athena is Remake No More

That's right -- Dark Athena is not a remake of 2004's brilliant Escape from Butcher Bay. And when Universal Interactive's Bill Kispert called Athena's new campaign "robust," he wasn't kidding. This puppy clocks in at 10 hours.

For all intents and purposes, Dark Athena is a sequel; and as it so happens, Atari marketing materials reflect this fact as well.

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GameCyteSean3700d ago

Do they keep the additions from the Escape from Butcher Bay director's cut? I loved that segment with the robot suit...

CloudsEnd3700d ago

Yeah that would be cool... :D


For gods sake, lets hope this isnt going to end bad...

MK_Red3700d ago

That robot section was SWEET! I think that's definitly in the Dark Athena.

kwicksandz3700d ago

Is this a multiplat? or xbox exclusive like butcher bay?

MiloGarret3699d ago

Yeah baby, best fps 2009 coming up!

shovelbum3699d ago

Outstanding news. I love the first game so hopefully this one won't disappoint.

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Arsenic133700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Its a remake and a sequel.

ahnonamis3700d ago

There's a remake included with the game. The actual new game is a new story, though. Originally I'm pretty sure it was just supposed to be an upgraded remake of Butcher Bay and nothing more.

Skerj3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Yeah it was just a remake of Butcher Bay initially with some expanded things added in the vein of the Director's Cut. But this, this is freaking AWESOME though. The original game was not just the best movie licensed game ever made, but a downright awesome game in its own right. Something about the atmosphere in that game was really solid, if this all works out right Starbreeze deserves some hella credit from everyone.

0verdrive3700d ago

since when is a 10 hour game a "robust" experience? remember back in the day when 20-30 hour games were the norm, and a 60-hour final fantasy game was long? games these days are so shallow...

DJ3700d ago

Is about 100 times greater than it was back in the PS1 days. Back then you could make a game for about $100~200K. Now the average game is in the $10~20 million range.

tplarkin73700d ago

No FPS in history ever reached 20 hours. They are always about 10 hours.

RPGs are often 40 hours, even today. Oblivion is up to 200 hours.

BlackCountryBob3700d ago

I'm still just glad that this game will see release. I liked it on the Xbox but never got to finish it for various reasons but I really enjoyed what I played and I will chalk this game up to a should buy (providing it is about £30).

T_O873700d ago

this is great news i really loved butcher bay and imo it was one of the best PC shooters i think i am gona play butcher bay again :)

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