Metal Gear Solid cast has reunited for an unknown project

Solid Snake himself, David Hayter, promises details are coming soon

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Snookies1242d ago

MGS 1 Remake?? Please be the case...

Kilua42d ago

Can guarantee you it is. It is a poorly kept secret that Bluepoint are working on the MGS 1 remake and this just adds even more credibility to it.

CobraKai41d ago

If it’s Bluepoint then I’ll have faith they’ll keep the game true to the original, unlike Twin Snakes.

blackbeld40d ago

If true day one buy for me ;)

Nyxus42d ago

Sounds like just a reunion to me to be honest. This isn't the first time some of the cast got together and people got crazy. https://www.metalgearinform...

Don't get me wrong, I'd like it to be a remake or some other project like that, but I don't think people should get their hopes up too much over this.

StoneyYoshi41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

A 23 year reunion? Wouldn't that normally land on an even number? The link you provided would have been like a 20 year reunion from MGS1 release.

Nyxus41d ago

What do you mean 23 years? It's not just voice actors from MGS1, but also from MGS3 (The Boss, young Ocelot). I think the date of the reunion is just random.

ginsunuva36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Double_O_Revan41d ago

I'm still hoping it'll be an original Metal Gear remake, not Solid.

Snookies1241d ago

Original Metal Gear were fun games, but Solid is where the story really took off. It's why so many people want to see it fully realized with modern technology. Twin Snakes was good, but it came far too early in my opinion.

DarXyde41d ago

Or...a franchise reboot, beginning with Metal Gear.

Z50140d ago

Wouldn't you rather see a remake of a game that hasn't already been remade?

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Z50141d ago

MGS1 has already been remade. Twin Snakes.
We're now hoping for remakes of remakes?

RazzerRedux41d ago

I am. I can't speak for "we".

AnotherGamer41d ago

Twin Snakes was just too goofy imo, even for a Metal Gear Solid game.

StoneyYoshi41d ago

Wasn't it like the same exact game but with better graphics?

RPGer41d ago

Can you elaborate, I think your statement is intresting. I mean MGS is goofy master, but you made it as if it MGS with Adam Sandler or Nintendo goofy overload.

andy8541d ago

There's a bit of a difference between a remake of a game 1 console generation ago like Twin Snakes than 4 generations. Look at the demons souls remake, that was only 10 years apart and look at the reactions from it. If the same developers make it, it would be amazing.

Orchard41d ago

Remake the original. Twin Snakes was way too easy because it was the original level design, but with all the new MGS2 stuff added on (e.g. lockers, first person shooting, etc.).

OhReginald41d ago

Twin snakes was garbage and did not live up to the greatness that was metal gear solid on ps1.

warriorcase41d ago

While true it's still not widely accessible being only on the Gamecube and never ported. A remake would fix this.

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jeromeface41d ago

bluepoint remake has been rumored since kojima left konami

Hauntedasylum841d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Please be Metal Gear Solid Remake! To hear David Hayter speak for Snake again has been long overdue.

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