The Witcher console version being 'built from the ground up'

Destructoid writes: "Today, Atari officially announced The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The news isn't exactly shocking considering that a few days ago we caught a leaked video of a developer spilling the beans on the title. Regardless, there are a few interesting facts from the new announcement. The most notable one is that the game is being "built from the ground up" to better reflect the console experience.

That means new combat centered around the utilization of a controller and an entirely new engine to ensure both consoles are being used effecting. In addition to this the game's developer CD Projekt RED is promising "a ton of other features that will play to the consoles' strengths." The fact that I will eventually be able to play The Witcher while lying down is almost good enough for me.

Aside from the new the new engine and combat, it remains to be seen how much content will change from the original PC title. Generally speaking, most PC-to-console games only add a few new environments and missions. Oh, and it is coming out quite soon. According to the press release listed after the break, expect it around Fall 2009."

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El_Colombiano3702d ago

Lets hope they dev it on each console to really bring out what they both can provide. And if they choose to port, lets hope its from PS3 to 360. I have played enough PS3 developed games on both platforms and the difference from a 360 port is phenomenal on both consoles. PS3 and 360 gain.

sirbigam3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Looks like it had high scores,the only problems people had were the load times, bugs, voice overs, and main characters zombey like fighting.