Resident Evil Maiden Demo was Good But I Wish it was 3rd Person

Just like the ‘Kitchen’ demo for Resident Evil 7, the ‘Maiden’ demo for Resident Evil Village is a visual showcase for the eventual release of the full game. It shows what the game will look and play like. It’s good, but I can’t help but want it to be third person.

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potatoseal43d ago

Me too. I just can't get used to First-Person melee combat in games. It feels so wonky and uncomfortable. Same as in other games like Skyrim swinging a sword. It just feels janky and annoying. I'm not talking about shooters, I'm talking about all the other types of games. Does anyone else feel that way? No?

I've been spoiled with such amazing 3rd person games over the years, that I just can't enjoy first-person games (does not include shooters) as much as 3rd-person games. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed RE7 and I will enjoy RE8 too, but I know I would enjoy it a hell of a lot more if the game was designed around 3rd-person.

VerminSC43d ago

Same. God of war and naughty dog games have made me decide that third person is just the way to go.

SullysCigar43d ago

Unless you're intending to have the game available in VR... I'm just speculating and hoping, but this was implied a long while back!

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C4rnos43d ago

To be fair though- I think many games are still trying to work out the best way to do first person melee combat; it's one of those puzzles that's proven very difficult to get right, we have so many examples of great third person combat that's got many very good formulae- be it DMC, Dark Souls et al.

When i think of great first person combat i usually jump to something like Dark Messiah because of the interactivity with the environment more so than the actual visceral feeling of the melee- but more recently good additions like Mordhau, Dying Light/Dead island and Kingdom Come exist, (I can't remember too many honestly) but i've been a critic of Skyrim's janky combat ever since you realise it's just Oblivion but with finishers.

Beyond VR of course, first person is gonna need developers to think outside the "what's currently out there" box; The benefit of RE (and probably this one more so) is it will have plenty of shooting too which is absolutely where First Person shines.

KyRo43d ago

Skyrim does feel awful. Most things in any Bethesda SW developed game usually is but there was games that get melee combat right. Condemned 2, Dying Light and Virmintide 2 being some of them.

I love the FPS RE games but I feel they should be a spin off in someway. Not a mainline numbered title as great as they have been.

ufo8mycat43d ago

The whole point of games like this is immersion and atmosphere. Making it 3rd person would minimise that experience, hence why it is 1st person. Game design 101

starsi36043d ago

In your opinion.

RE2 remake was absolutely dripping in atmosphere and immersion. Can’t remember the last game that came close to that for the feel. If RE2 was first person it wouldn’t have been as good. In my opinion, of course.

goldwyncq43d ago

Resident Evil 7 in VR is way scarier and more atmospheric than RE2 Remake.

XbladeTeddy43d ago

Try RE7 in VR. It takes RE2's immersion jumps on its face, throws it out the window and then fires 12 shotgun shells in its behind while it's laying on the floor.

-Foxtrot43d ago

Lol to you guys above

If you need VR to be scary then you aren’t doing your job in the main game as it is

RE2 is better because you don’t need an add on

XbladeTeddy43d ago

@Foxtrot: Even without VR it's incredibly immersive thanks to the first person view. VR just throws it into a whole other level of immersion.

Neonridr43d ago

and P.T. felt so fresh and different BECAUSE it was first person. To be honest I don't mind either. But was happy to see something different with RE7.

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Nacho_Z43d ago

Resi 2 remake was a better game than 7 overall but 7 was way scarier, largely thanks to the perspective. It gave it a really claustrophobic and intense atmosphere. Admittedly I prefer third person combat in Resi games.

jbrock1143d ago

You're immersed in the atmosphere but you lose virtually all connection to the character you're playing. Ethan is easily the worst character in the RE series and a lot of that has to do with the game being 1st person.

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Einhander197143d ago

There is just as much immersion in third person as first person. Personally more to me. Imagine playing gears or uncharted in fp perspective no thanks.

fonduktoe43d ago

I disagree. This style of game is much more intense in 1st person. Backing the camera up and being able to see your character and having a more zoomed out view of your surroundings makes it much less scarier.

LucasRuinedChildhood43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I think the different perspectives offer a different sort of immersion in games. It's hard to describe exactly but games have to be designed to take advantage of the perspective that they're using, e.g. the originals are designed around fixed camera angles and wouldn't work as well if you JUST changed the perspective.

I'd say by default third person offers a bit more safety for the player though - a notable buffer. Claustrophobic environments are the best way to get around this. Without any big changes, there's no way I'd personally feel as isolated and completely screwed in Alien Isolation if it was in third person. Staring at that motion tracker while hiding under a table after the first scripted Alien encounter, and thinking "How the hell do I get out of here without dying" is something I'll never forget.

First person can make things a lot more intense. RE8 is clearly taking a lot of inspiration from Resident Evil 4 but looks creepier and potentially more overwhelming to me. I think it's a good choice.

guacman8843d ago

Good reply. Literally logged in to say great comment. Haven't logged in in years it seems like lol.

metalhead43d ago

Sorry I’m no longer scared by third person horror. RE VII scared me more than any horror game because of the first person experience.

This is the closest we ever get to P.T.

VerminSC43d ago

I do agree that 1st person does work better for horror, just not gameplay.

Neonridr43d ago

There's a great game on PC called Visage. Honestly the team hit a homerun with that game. Hopefully it shows up on consoles down the road as it was a treat to play.

ScootaKuH43d ago

It looked nice enough but I agree, I don't get on with the first person view either. I'd much prefer it to be third person, or at least be given the option

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