Ocarina of Time is Better Than Breath of the Wild

Despite the critical acclaim of Breath of the Wild Ocarina of Time is still a better game

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bouzebbal37d ago

No doubt about that!
So many great dungeons, and an incredibly rich game

Shiken37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Ocarina of Time is a mid tier Zelda game that only ranks as high as it does due to nostalgia. Both MM and TP are better...and ALttP is on another level.

There...I said it...FIGHT ME!

fitofficial37d ago

I like Majora's as much as OoT, but Twilight Princess isn't better IMO. It's got some cool parts but it's basically a rehash of OoT.

Shiken37d ago

And OoT is basically ALttP rehash. TP did what OoT did, but better IMO.

Teflon0236d ago

Big flaw is OoT is a completely 3D game that was the first to do what it was doing. BotW is Elder Scrolls Zelda with one of the worse Weapon durability systems I've ever used in a game. Should have went the Dark Cloud 1 route if they wanted breaking weapons and make repairing items scarce.

Nothing actually innovative about BotW, Everything it does was done before. OoT was a first in many respects

bouzebbal36d ago

You gotta be joking 😂
So oot scored so high in 98 due to Nostalgia?

Oot sat a new standard for 3d adventure games and revolutionized the genre.. Same thing Mario64 or. Tomb Raider 1 did.

Oot added so many new things, and 3d added an insane depth to the game, which link2thepast didn't have.
I think link 2 the past is still my favorite ever due to nostalgia, but zelda 64 is a true monster back in the day.

Shiken36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


OoT was great and innovative for its time, thats why it scores a 98. Thats does not mean it is better than every game in the world today. Half of the Zelda games out there are better.


BotW was innovative in a way that combined a lot of open world aspects in a way that had never been done before. That is why you have other gamea trying to copy it now. I have played a lot of open world games, and none had the magic that BotW has. Iy truly deserves the score it got.

It does have room for improvement. My biggest thing would be that as a Zelda game, I would like to see the return of traditional dungeons. Here is to hoping with BotW2!

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ZeroBlue237d ago

As are most Zelda games IMO.

phoenixwing37d ago

I think even skyward sword was better. At least it's dungeons were unique and involved more depth. Zelda botw is a bunch of mini small tiny bites of puzzling (puzzle solving gameplay) that are barely anything compared to the past games.

Neonridr37d ago

totally underrated, one of my favorites.

Knushwood Butt36d ago

Windwaker was great apart from the sailing (padding) which they should have fixed first time around.

InklingGirl37d ago

And The Wind Waker is better than both of them in my opinion.

smashman9837d ago

I disagree. But I can see an argument for it for sure.Much more so than breath of the wild.

Snookies1237d ago

Wind Waker was amazing! Definitely casting my vote for Link to The Past as the best though... I just couldn't get into Breath of The Wild unfortunately.

Teflon0236d ago

WW, OoT or ALttP, any one of those are your fav and I ain't mad at that. My fav is OoT but moreso a tie between ALttP and OoT that I slightly give OoT

galmi36d ago

i 100000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000 000000000% agree

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got_dam37d ago

Botw was good. Would have liked even a little more of the series tropes. Side questing felt empty. The rewards were just shrine locations or crafting items. Both very useful to be sure. But still, it would have been nice to get some unique tools... hell, even just an empty bottle. Something.