id Software is working on a VR game, codenamed Project 2021A

It appears that id Software is working on a new VR game that is codenamed Project 2021A.

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Kabaneri35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

The Doom reboot was great so this should be good. Considering that MS owns them now, I wonder if this means Xbox is gonna get VR support of some sort?

Daddy-Like35d ago

I certainly hope so. I like VR, but not entirely buy something else to play it on.

mkis00734d ago

They will likely just allow third party sets.

Neonridr34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I'm surprised they don't just enable support for a device like the Quest 2 and allow a USB-C cable to be connected to the system. The headset has everything it needs (controllers / tracking) and the console can power it. MS has a decent relationship with Oculus dating back to the original CV1 of the Rift.

Tacoboto34d ago

Microsoft won't own Bethesda till later this year officially, so it's more interesting how Flight Simulator already has VR Support.

Nothing Microsoft makes really stays a secret though. If Windows Mixed Reality is getting ported to Xbox I'm sure we'll hear of it

DJStotty33d ago

Oculus etc support for xbox, i do not think they will release their own branded headset.

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Abnor_Mal35d ago

Doom VFR was a good game, the use of the Aim controller was precise. The only slight negative was while using the Aim there was just a grenade just there not attached to anything. Still, it was a good game and I had a lot of fun with it.

Profchaos35d ago

Doom vfr was fantastic such a shame about cyberpilot thought that killed VR for Bethesda

Abnor_Mal35d ago

Was cyberpilot the one set in the Wolfenstein world, and you control a dog mech or something. If so, that game looked terrible and wasn't worth a second look. If they would have done a regular wolfenstein with B.J. I'm sure it would have been a better game from the jump off.

1nsomniac34d ago

I purchased Doom VFR and didn’t make it past the training level. Massive doom fan since the 90’s but Doom VFR just felt horrible on PSVR. The system just wasn’t ready for it. Horrible movement, horrible controls, terrible graphics then some extreme motion sickness to go with it. Didn’t find it a good experience at all.

Abnor_Mal34d ago

Thats a shame that you didn't find the game to be fun for you. You say that the movement was horrible, which control scheme did you use. As I said I used the Aim and was able to move freely and when needed I could also teleport.

I figure if only using the Move controllers, not sure if you could, but if so then the movement would be a little frustrating having to only port to where you need to go. Regular dualshock control movement was probably good but the lack of free aiming for me would be a negative.

The graphics in my own opinion were good not great but that's do to the limitations of the headset, but still functional to get the job done. I dont suffer from motion sickness, so I can't speak on that.

Let's hope their next vr game takes care of the problems you listed, and of you buy it have a better experience than the first.

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1nsomniac33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I dont have the aim controller. I absolutely hate the report method. It ruins VR completely.

@likasumboody PSVR isn’t shit by any stretch. Smart phones don’t match it whether they have higher resolution or not. Despite PSVRs low resolution the screens themselves are actually really good limiting screen door effect etc. So although a lower resolution I actually find it much better than a higher resolution Quest for example as the immersion is much better.

It was the controllers that absolutely ruined the PSVR experience. The move controllers were an absolute embarrassment!

Looking forward to the PSVR2 tho. I will definitely be picking one up.


Pass, no interest in VR at all. It most likely will never be dominant. I was hoping for another hardcore FPS like Quake, instead of all this battle royal pussy shit. Quake 3/Unreal that's where the real FPS skill was and still is.

DJStotty33d ago

We are well overdue a new Quake imo.


Exactly, we need another Quake 3 or something very close to it.

Shuckylad34d ago

The original Quake begs for a full VR remake.

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