'Realistic possibility' $48m esports tournament could be held in NZ, says gaming tycoon Gabe Newell

In an extensive interview, the billionaire Valve founder also discussed the "strong interest" from staff to move to New Zealand and why he's planning on seeking citizenship.

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Jin_Sakai746d ago

Why does Gabe like NZ so much?

SDuck746d ago

He only learned to count to 2 when he spent some vacations there

rlow1746d ago

He was stuck there at the beginning of the pandemic. Talked to the prime minister and I'm sure was offered some lucrative incentives. At the end of the day its all about the money. If you can make movies their on the cheap why not games? Personally I think he smoking something if he thinks NZ will become a big Esport destination. The market their is small compared to the US and others. But I could see it
them being part of the tour for an esport tournaments.