Three Things we Want from MachineGames' Indiana Jones Game

Jacob S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Today, we want to take the focus away from the galaxy far, far away to the uncharted tombs of the world and give our thoughts and wants on MachineGames and Lucasfilm Games’ take on Indiana Jones."

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O-D-C37d ago

Just avoid anything to do with Crystal Skull.

isarai37d ago

Don't bring whatever you did to youngblood, that stuff was trash

potatoseal37d ago

It has to be more puzzle-focused and minimal to no gun fighting. Map out areas for melee combat and disarming other enemies with the whip. Must avoid the Uncharted route. Indiana Jones does not kill people... much.

Horseygamer36d ago

what we want we don't get!!!!!!

victorMaje36d ago

1. The whip.
2. Puzzles.
3. You know that scene in raiders of the lost ark where a big guy appears in the market & starts waving his sword & Indy just shoots him & moves on to other things? That kind of humour.

The article mentions FPS, I think it’d be better if third person.

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