Nvidia Shield: firmware update brings support for PS5 controllers

The firmware update 8.2.2 for Nvidia Shield with some interesting changes is now available for download. It is now possible to use the controllers of the PS5 and Xbox Series X on the device. Further details can be found in the message.

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RaidenBlack40d ago

... and yet no support for PS4

Cernunnos39d ago

PS4 controller works just fine with mine.

Vits39d ago

It's nice to have the support. But without the unique functions of the DualSense I wouldn't go for it unless you already have a PS5 laying around. As there are many other controllers compatible with the system that will also cost much less.

1nsomniac39d ago

I don’t think anyone would be planing on buying the PS5 controller for the shield specifically. The idea is that if you have a ps5 with the controller and would prefer to use it on the shield instead of the supplied shield controller, then you can.

Vits39d ago

Is more of general advice. For PC gaming is exactly the same thing, while the DS4 was a fairly popular option for having a good quality/price ratio the Dual Sense is better to be avoided as you are not going to get anything out of it's special features. But will be paying the premium anyway.

Also only older models and the Gaming Edition of the Shield have a supplied controller. For all the rest including the newer cylindrical and Pro editions you have to supply your own if you plan on doing any gaming at all on it.

1nsomniac39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

The cylindrical one doesn’t come with a controller. The rest do, there is no gaming edition. I have one.

Vits39d ago

Yeah you either got a old model or got the Gaming package and didn't notice. The newest 2019 version of it does not come with a controller.

1nsomniac39d ago

According to that your right the newest pro version doesn’t come with a controller, which seems ridiculous to remove a bundled item and still charge the same if not more for it.

I have the 2017 version.

Vits39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

To be fair. They did also change the SoC of the units.
Both 2019 versions use the X1+ that is a 25% performance bump over the normal X1 of the older versions. And it really makes a difference for some things like GC/Wii emulation.

But it is worth $60 (controller price)? It's very debatable.

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thesoftware73039d ago

Just ordered my Shield T.V (new tube looking one), coming tomorrow, it should pair nice with my pc. This is great news as I have both PS5 and Xbox controllers no need to buy another controller.