Computer Games: Civilization 4: Colonization Review

Computer Games writes: "The Civilization series has a lot in common with the James Bond Saga. They both have a new offspring once every couple of years, and despite presenting roughly the same content they are viewed/played religiously by fans. This year however, renowned game designer Sid Meyer and Firaxis Studios decided to offer us a remake of the classic Colonization, originally released way back in 1994, hoping to please the fans that were crying for a sequel ever since.

Instead of offering the chance to breed your own civilization from scrap like the Civilization series, Colonization takes on a historical theme, namely the conquest of the New World by one of the four colonial powers of the time: England, France, Netherlands and Spain (Portugal was again left out, even though it had a fair amount of influence back in the day). The player must choose one of these nations, set up a colony in the Americas, tend to it, make it profitable, gather an army and at the right time, declare independence and defeat the king's forces sent to remind him who's actually in charge."


* Visuals
* The economic system
* Lots of parameters at the start of a game
* The multiplayer


* The diplomacy system
* Developing colonies takes too long compared to the time limit
* The competition is suspiciously peaceful
* Difficult to finish the game without using certain tricks

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