Computer Games: Far Cry 2 Review

Computer Games writes: "No, that statement is not about our beloved country, especially since we don't really need any sand for the above remark to fit.

In Africa, however, things are quite different than what goes on around here, mainly because the law is usually enforced with a Kalashnikov in hand. Especially in poor areas, where starvation, disease and unemployment are part of the daily routine."


* The graphics and the atmosphere it creates
* Attention for detail
* Freedom of movement
* The engine optimization
* Fire implementation
* Weapons degrade in time
* Plenty of tactical choices for battles
* The multiplayer, when it works
* The editor


* The game time is artificially increased
* Repetitive secondary missions
* The sometimes inhuman accuracy of the enemies
* Uninteresting story and infuriating ending
* The multiplayer, when it doesn't work
* Annoying respawn system
* Odd weapon clasification for the arsenal slots

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