Games That Changed Our Lives: 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Renewed My Love for the Medium

Arguably the greatest compliment we could give to Grand Theft Auto IV was that it was always fun to play.

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Ezio2048108d ago

One of my favourite games of all time. If it were not for this game, RDR1, Gta5 and RDR2 wouldn't be the games they were. This game had set the base for Rockstar's modern open living worlds. Also, it still has the best gta story.

107d ago
moomoo319107d ago

People forget the lines around the block for this game when it came out. Articles calling it the greatest technical achievement of the last 10 years bar none.

Kabaneri107d ago

The TBOGT dlc was perfect.

instantstupor107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

So weird how opinions can differ so greatly. The greatest compliment (?) I could give it is that it helped redouble my beliefs of not getting wrapped up in hype, giving professional reviews a *healthy* dose of skepticism, & to NEVER preorder.

I wasn't going to get it, but finally bought into the immense hype & near perfect review scores. Preordered a copy the day before release, got it home and...was really underwhelmed. Just really just didn't get it. And it didn't help that things which were said to be much improved, like shooting, still felt exceedingly awkward. It was an impressive open world, but it wasn't filled with anything I found particularly engaging.

But the lesson it taught me has stood the test of time - didn't preorder CP2077, and now I can wait & reward them with a purchase when the game is finally a complete, functional product...and probably save 50% in the process.

Bathyj107d ago

My least favourite game in the series.

And yes, I'm including GTA1 and 2.

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