Devolver Digital Clarifies, Fall Guys Is Not Coming To Xbox Game Pass

There are no plans for Fall Guys to come to any form of Gamepass.

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Orchard36d ago

Remedy said the same thing about Control...

Tacoboto36d ago

"No plans" or "nothing to announce" in gaming marketing means absolutely nothing.
Nintendo denied DS Lite plans until the day before announcing. Microsoft avoided Series S even after controller packaging was being sold in stores.

If Among Us exists on PC Game Pass, of course this will come too. Eventually. Just like Control.

darthv7236d ago

My question is... why wouldnt it come to xbox, or even the switch? It seems like Devolver could make some $$ off both platforms in the process. Add in crossplay and it could be an even bigger hit than it is.

TheColbertinator36d ago

Sony must have paid a pretty penny for exclusivity time.

rdgneoz336d ago

@Colbertinator Before release, it wasn't really hyped up and it wasn't coming from a big name studio. It being a huge hit probably took many by surprise. If Sony did a year or so deal when they put it on PS+, they didn't have to pay much at all and got lucky.

ocelot0736d ago

They said that in December 2019 lmfao. I am fairly certain over a year ago Microsoft and remedy didnt go right let's get control on gamepass in 13 months time.

At the time there was no deal in place. This control deal probably was made in the last 2-3 months.

northpaws36d ago

Gamepass seems good to consumers, but it devalue games so much, I am sure a lot of people would just subscribe for a month or two of gamepass when next AAA exclusive comes out. Imagine millions of money spent on making a game, and people create new account with $1 trial to play them.

Darkborn36d ago

Exactly, why try to make super innovative games to just put on game pass.thats why all the last few years of games from microsoft were trash. look at crackdown 3, one of Microsoft's latest "huge launch". I'm pretty sure ps3 games looked better.

DerfDerf36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Crackdown 3 is actually a fantastic game and the graphics look great. Stop talking of games you clearly have never played.

Tacoboto36d ago

Gears 5 Hivebusters is a (short) quality campaign expansion that got announced and released to Game Pass a month later.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is among the best platformers of the gen. That studio in 2020 released to Game Pass, then to Switch, and put out a Series X patch for 120fps support.

Flight Sim exists. And is getting heavy post-release updates. Halo MCC had all of its games ported to PC throughout 2020 and had some of those improvements trickle down to console.

One gaming company vocally worries about "devaluing" themselves. That same company you all complain about for releasing full-price ports. Microsoft gives consumers the best value. You all complain about that too.

Y'all are worse than a date saying they're hungry but not that hungry so all they want is just a bite of your meal.

TheRealTedCruz36d ago

Pretty sure we're going to see some pretty quality games from Obsidian, Bethesda, Arkane, Id, Turn 10, Playground, Rare, Machine Games, InXile, Ninja Theory, the Coalition.

I can continue if you want.
MS dropped the ball this gen, but they more than showed they picked it back up.

badz14935d ago


"Crackdown 3 is actually a fantastic game and the graphics look great"

HAHAHAHA who are you trying to kid here? graphics look "great'?? yeah, for a PS2 game, maybe! there are many PS3 games that look better than THIS!

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Witchcraft36d ago

I find it mildly amusing how cute you guys are with attempts to downplay Gamepass. Someone is giving players a great deal, but unfortunately it's not your corporation of choice so it's totally evil and somehow will make games worse. Suuuuure.

Darkborn36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I'm critical of microsoft because they have the most powerful console and the most powerful cloud and the most studios and the most money and they put out games that look good in 2010 and never innovate. Sony has half the studios, less than half the money, and makes truly amazing devices and games. That is not me being a fanboy, it's straight fact. Look at why all of a sudden phil spencer wants to look into haptic feedback. The duelsense has like 10 features missing on an xbox controller. Xbox doesn't have a vr headset or seems to care about it. They have no ambition to make goty worthy titles or titles worth more than a free trial of game pass to play. That's why I'm critical. I don't want the competition to drag down sony into thinking they don't need to keep making the best in class games like they do. It might hurt your eyes to read that, but what publisher other than rockstar comes close the quality of playstation in the games department? None. Even rockstar only has a couple releases here and there so they kinda don't count. Sony has multiple bangers every single year that compete with each other for goty almost every time. There simply is no competition but themselves. I want microsoft to actually go in and show us a game worthy of the most powerful console instead of right now almost every multiplat runs and looks better on ps5 anyways on the interior console...

Edit* we've had multiple years of the one x being the most powerful console ever and the most powerful cloud that was supposed to make console generations meaningless due to its secret sauce, but did microsoft with all their money and bought studios ever make a game come close to looking as good as ghost of tsushima or the last of us 2? Days gone or God of war? Spiderman or miles morales? Nope, all talk.

Lionsguard36d ago

No one is discounting Gamespass' value it's just that since it's from Microsoft, they can either eat the loss and ride it out or hide it better than other companies. I know Sony wants to do something similar but honestly, they can't match it and they shouldn't. High quality games needs to have a certain value to it. If it's all comes out on day 1 on a Gamespass that you can buy for the price of 2 games per year, it'll end up losing them a ton of money. Microsoft would never attempt Gamespass if they weren't a trillion dollar company with a million other avenues of revenue. This is a brute force campaign that not many others can pull off.

Killer73nova36d ago

@darkborn everything you are stating is what makes a market competitive. Sony has been in the console game for many years and they know a thing or two about the process in making things feel “next-gen” also have a huge fan base compared to Microsoft . Microsoft went with a very subtle and powerhouse console. They did improve their controller just a bit but don’t fix what ain’t broke right?
I was a bit disappointed in not having that next gen feel but I have to say it’s a beautiful console. I feel that Microsoft didn’t want to make change much since last gen did so horribly. They are checking all the boxes that they did wrong last year. And you can’t say that’s not true when you can’t find a Xbox series x anywhere. Yeah Covid prob played a huge part in this but I don’t remember the hype being this high to last gen Xbox. People also dig at Microsoft from having the same dashboard but compared to Sony Sony doesn’t have as constant updates as Microsoft does. Microsoft has done an amazing job listening to fans and they are going in the right direction but it will take time to recovery from the shit show of last gen.

Now games. Xbox has a lot of games coming out and new ones buuuuuutttt when will they come out? We aren’t really looking at anything but until halo but they announced quite a bit of new Games. Unfortunately they won’t come out for awhile. You make a great point on how Microsoft is buying studios left and right and they own a lot of games/studios now and are sitting on a lot of older games like conker and many others. I don’t think you expect them to bring every single one of them to life in a matter of a couple of years? But with gamepass they are able to make those available for people to play with ease and relive their nostalgia. At the end of the day games are meant to be enjoyed.

I was lucky enough to get a series x and wow games look amazing such as forza, gears, ori, and many other where I can play at 60fps. The reason I went with the Xbox is that one all my friends play on Xbox and 2 it’s a lot cheaper to buy compared to a ps5. I have gamepass and able to play hundreds of games for free including games from ea without spending 30-70 dollars for a game I would like to try out. I understand that Sony has a similar subscription but you can’t play Spider-Man, demon souls and any other Sony exclusive day one. With gamepass you get them day one. How can anyone complain about that? The devs arent the ones expected to take the hit Microsoft is. They have to pay these devs some insane amount of money to agree to put the game on gamepass so what does it matter?

AngelicIceDiamond36d ago

MS advertising of games and gamepass needs to be better. If Starfield does release this year and say it is exclusive. They need to advertise the game first and gamepass second. Stop undermining the status of the AAA. AA is perfectly fine, but show off the game hype up the features, most importantly its a 70$ game not everyone on the planet wants xgp. Advertise it as a 70$ game first available on gamepass second. They're not hurting their service if they mention "oh it's on gamepass for 10$". Obviously not just Starfield but ALL of their future AAA's.

In some ways it does undermine AAA hype and production if you advertise gamepass first then the AAA product second second.

Lionsguard36d ago

This is why I'm a little iffy on Gamespass. Sure it's a great value for consumers but really at what long term cost? It could end up dooming many large AAA games for the future. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of Nintendo's approach either of rarely ever discounting their games no matter how old they are beyond a certain price.

TheRealTedCruz36d ago

I'm tired of the "devalued" argument.
If the devs/publishers weren't making bank on the deals. Let alone thinking it would kill future sales in the process then, as a business - something that exists to make money - why the hell would they be taking these deals?

northpaws36d ago

Not everything fit to be a subscription services, it is not about who is taking the hit, even if MS is paying off everything as a lost, it basically changes everyone's mindset of how much a game should have costed. Think about early mobile gaming compare to what we have now, those games that we all needed to pay a few bucks for back then are far better than all these "free to play" games that we have now.

Let's say gamepass is successful for MS, become the next trend, but only they can sustain, then now what? We want every other consoles and studios out there to go under? Real gamers care about the health of the industry, if console gaming become shitty mobile gaming, because no one wants to pay anymore, then I will find a new hobby.

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Games1st35d ago

Lol I'm not paying for it

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