Nioh 2 Features Cross-Gen Crossplay Between PS4 and PS5, But No Crossplay with PC

Nioh 2 The Complete Edition does support cross-generation crossplay (and save data compatibility) between PS4 and PS5, but the PC version is sadly excluded as confirmed by Game Director Fumihiko Yasuda.

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drizzom36d ago

Does it count as cross-play if both use the PSN???

LightningMonkey36d ago


I think you're thinking of Cross-Platform which is between two different services.

spartan112g36d ago

No, they're just trying to make it seem like a win when really they were all on the same servers anyway. Clever marketing speak that literally means nothing.

rdgneoz336d ago

Not every PS3 and PS4 cross gen game was cross platform as well. It's basically letting people know that you can still play with your friends on PS5 if you haven't been able to find one. Now if they said this about xbone and xbsx, you'd probably think it was a win.

SoulWarrior36d ago

They'll also probably be loads of cheaters on PC with modified stats and equipment, dont want to mix that with consoles.

SpineSaw36d ago

Good! Keep the PC hacks and cheats in their on lane. There should never be a game played where console gamers are forced to game with PC gamers IMO.