Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Yakuza Remastered Collection, The Medium, and More

News Wire - Remember so long ago, way back in December during The Game Awards when we gave you a preview of what games were coming soon? That soon is sooner now than it was then, and we have more games now than we had then, which means we have even more games coming soon now… make sense?

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Jericho133736d ago

This is Christmas got Yakuza fans!

36d ago
jznrpg35d ago

you mean Xbox Yakuza fans who haven’t played or own the games already?

ocelot0736d ago ShowReplies(2)
Fist4achin36d ago

That's supposed to be a badass strategy game. I'm itching to try it.

Notellin36d ago

Man I'm pumped for that one as well!

Ascalon9436d ago

I'm confused. I thought Microsoft said all exclusives would be coming to Xbox One. So why is The Medium not?

ocelot0736d ago

Think the meant first party IP from there own studios. This is pc and Xbox only for a few months.

DEEHULK8836d ago

How do you know it's on PC and Xbox a few months? Where is your proof of the length?

Shiken36d ago


There is none, he is just trying to downplay.

TGGJustin36d ago

@Deehulk Because the developer already said it was a timed exclusive. Bloober Team's games also usually launch on Xbox and then go elsewhere a few months later. It happened with Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, etc. The Medium will go to other platforms too.

DJStotty36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


As of today, there is no plan for a Playstation release for the Medium.


Blooper have labelled this as a console exclusive rather than timed, so as of today it is console exclusive.

DEEHULK8836d ago (Edited 36d ago )

They have never said anything like that. Maybe it is timed, but they have never said it. What they did in the past is the past and now is now. A couple(2 month) of months lol lol

ocelot0735d ago


The Medium is releasing “exclusively on Xbox Series X and PC at launch.”

“Other consoles at this time are not confirmed,” mentioned Bloober Team, same as STALKER 2, which mentions it’s “coming first to Xbox Series X as a console launch exclusive.”

You have to be blind if you think it's noting releasing on PS5 at a later date lol.

DJStotty35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


"You have to be blind if you think it's noting releasing on PS5 at a later date lol."

Where and when did i say it would not be on PS5? I'll repeat :-

"As of today, there is no plan for a Playstation release for the Medium." And this is not my statement, this is from bloober team themselves.

You even said the same as me yourself

"“Other consoles at this time are not confirmed,” mentioned Bloober Team"

Will it eventually release on PS5? Most probably, does not detract from the FACT that as of today, it is a console exclusive. Just like Kena on PS5, eventually it will most probably launch on xbox, but as it stands today, it is a Playstation console exclusive.

ocelot0735d ago


My bad I misunderstood. I thought you was saying they have no intention of releasing it on any other console.

Shiken35d ago

These same people who think The Medium will be on PS5 before 2022 are likely the same fools that think Final Fantasy 16 won't go to XBox when the exclusive deal is up. It is fascinating how one way people can be when it comes to basic logic.

DJStotty35d ago


No, i hope it does come to PS5, it looks like a really good game (fingers crossed) so the more gamers that get to experience it the better in my opinion.

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Lennoxb6336d ago

They aren't forcing any third party studios to develop for the Xbox One. Only their first party studios.

DEEHULK8836d ago

They are not forcing anyone to make games on Xboxone. Flight simulaor,fable, Forza, Hellblade, and pretty much anything from Bethesda won't be on XO. They said it this summer that it's based on what the developer wants. Know what you are talking about before you speak nonsense

Kerppamaister36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

@deehulk but but bu speaking nonsense is n4g thing...

DEEHULK8836d ago

They and Blooper said a while ago that wasn’t going to be on Xboxone.

DJStotty35d ago

They have always maintained it as a Series S|X game. I'm not quite sure where people are thinking it was once slated for xbox one.

Straight off the bat they have said that the 2 worlds running at the same time is only possible on next gen.

DJStotty36d ago


" I thought Microsoft said all exclusives would be coming to Xbox One."

Think you may be confusing Microsoft's comments about 1st party titles, with 3rd party.

The Medium is not 1st party.

Notellin36d ago

Simple answer is they aren't owned by Microsoft and they made this statement.

"The Medium will launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC via Windows Store and Steam. There are no plans for the game to launch on Xbox One due to the power requirements needed to render both worlds side by side."

Pretty simple case.

Mulando35d ago

It is not first party. They can only make the decision for their own games.

iplay1up235d ago

The developers of Medium said 'it was only possible on the new hardware" because it renders 2 different worlds at the same time.

Ascalon9433d ago

Thanks everyone for the responses!

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Games1st36d ago

Nice Control (PC) – January 21. Devs can f off with the cash grab upgrade.

Notellin36d ago

The Publisher can f off*.

The decision was made by 505 games not Remedy.