Rockstar Developers Patent New NPC Tech

IGN writes: A patent filed by Take-Two Interactive details a new Rockstar-developed system for managing NPC navigation, with details explicitly referring to vehicle road routes and behaviour.The patent application, entitled ‘System And Method For Virtual Navigation In A Gaming Environment’, was filed by Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, in October 2020, and was recently discovered by Reddit users. The system described within it was developed by Rockstar’s lead AI programmer, Simon Parr, and David Hynd, Rockstar’s associate director of technology.

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Ezio2048792d ago

Where Cyberpunk is lagging behind a 2013 game in NPC behaviour, Rockstar is pushing the boundaries even further.

mostarr792d ago

Hehe yep. Original Mafia from 2002 had better npcs too

792d ago
bouzebbal792d ago

I think they should patent some better movement tech.. The movements in their games are the most stiff I've seen

Destiny1080792d ago (Edited 792d ago )

pac-man from 1980 has smarter Ai then Cyberpunk in 2020

792d ago
--Onilink--792d ago

To be fair, almost every open world game is lagging behind games like GTA4 or Far Cry 2 in things like physics and other stuff (including the sequels to those games).

For all the many faults Cyberpunk has, Im not sure why people were expecting to revolutionize every single possible aspect of the genre.

chronoforce792d ago

Cdpr were the ones that set expectations.

Dee_91792d ago

well correct me if im wrong but CDPR did say that NPC's would have full 24hr cycles.. that would have been pretty revolutionary right?
side note, I was on a complete media blackout for cyberpunk for years, so that was new info to me lol

--Onilink--792d ago


Cant say I recall that part, maybe they di, but even if it were the case, I wouldnt call it revolutionary, it was already done in AC Origins (and removed since then on the following sequels). Probably other games have done it too

792d ago
Chaos_Order792d ago

Expecting revolutionary AI is one thing, but when you have open world games that are nearly 20 years old with better NPC AI, CDPR's promises for a "living, breathing city" sound ridiculous.

No, people shouldn't have been expecting the greatest AI of all time. But if you told people before release to expect the game to have AI worse than PS2 era games, everyone would've laughed and called you an ignorant idiot.

Aussiesummer792d ago

Because they said it would, yet they didn't even come close to even the standards of today and the past.

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blacktiger792d ago

just so you know this whole thing is stage

Imalwaysright792d ago

GTAIV was released in 2008 and had far superior NPC behaviour than Cyberpunk.

Muzikguy792d ago

One of the areas I give Take Two props is they continually improve. Unlike others (EA, Activision, Ubisoft) that dumb things down as time goes on

Dee_91792d ago

you can tell the developers that love doing their jobs from the ones who don't for sure.

RgR792d ago

What game isn't lagging behind this 2013 game you speak of?

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AuraAbjure792d ago

I hope it's current gen only and not last gen.

TeamIcoFan792d ago

Well, the underpowered series S is a thing, so it'll still get held back.

roadkillers792d ago

We're skipping a whole generation for a GTA game. I'm sure they can do something great even including the S.

Tacoboto792d ago

The Series S is totally gonna stump them. That'll hold back the game, not... Idk, things like supporting a GTX 1650 + 2015 Intel CPU with 8GB of 2333Mhz RAM on a traditional HDD

AuraAbjure792d ago (Edited 792d ago )

I doubt the Series S will hold back the development of games when a developer can just choose to turn off special effects & ray tracing, dial down physics and the native resolution to 720p @ 30 FPS. They optimize games to run at such low fidelity everyday on PC. It's called low settings and it does not screw up game development it just allows the game to reach an audience that would otherwise never dream of playing the latest and greatest. So long as you see games coming out on the Series S running at 60 FPS you can bet your bottom dollar the console did not hold back the game's development otherwise it would be running at 30 FPS duh.

vallencer792d ago

And yet we have games like the outer worlds that look great and run amazing on current gen that they made for the switch. So I guess you're right underpowered consoles hold games back.

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frostypants792d ago

It's just a patent. Not clear when or if a game will utilize this.

fitofficial792d ago

Making the controls less clunky would be a better investment.

Kabaneri792d ago

Yeah no more running by tapping X, its incredibly outdated and inefficient.

JackBNimble792d ago

So what would you propose?
You can walk , run and sprint, explain how you would implement this.

TeamIcoFan792d ago

So many games have a better alternative to tapping x to run.
A common one dating back to the 90s is character speed dependent on how far you tilt the left stick, from a leisurely walk to a nice jog, while clicking in the left stick allows for sprinting.

Way better than having to hammer the same button over and over again to perform that basic function.

Aussiesummer792d ago

Just let us click the left stick in or hold a button down, so easy, let's hope.

ocelot07792d ago

Could be for the new GTA 5 Remaster they are doing?

UltraNova792d ago

If they want to test and upgrade it before deploying to GTA 6, that would be an excellent opportunity.

Psychotica792d ago (Edited 792d ago )

GTA 6 is early in development? Seems hard to believe considering it took 8 years for RDR2, wow. Maybe the smaller releases will help, hopefully..

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